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With worldwide experience and local expertise,
we provide premium global compliance services.

With an unmatched suite of managed services for employers, contractors and recruiters CXC Global takes care of all administration associated with contractor remuneration.

From initial advice on taxation, insurance and legal requirements, right through to tools that help you streamline processes, CXC has the expertise to save you time and money.

With CXC you enjoy a unique level of service from a dedicated Account Manager, and you have secure access to an online portal that provides real time account details.

Our comprehensive suite of services can be tailored to any type of business or industry and we can take care of contractor remuneration in almost any country.

Compliant Managment

Global Contractor Management Solutions


With more than 30 offices around the world, our international presence continues to grow.


Our outsourced solutions allow you to focus on your core business.


CXC’s remuneration services can be tailored to suit a wide variety of industries and occupations.


Established for over 20 years, CXC offers an unparalleled level of taxation, accounting and legal expertise.

Here's what our customers have to say:

@mikecrocker24 "Very impressed with CXC Global’s customer service – made the recruitment process so less painful"

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