2017 Mid Year Review

Why CXC Global

25 Years

As CXC Global celebrates its 25th anniversary and we are at the first half of 2017, below is a glimpse into where CXC Global’s leadership team and partner analyst see the future work going.

Contingent Workforce

Globally the way people work and how they are engaged is changing. Almost 40% of the global workforce is made up of freelancers, independent, “gig” economy, and Corp. to Corp Contractors. Companies today want to engage the best talent in the most efficient and compliant format possible. Over 60% of companies recently surveyed indicate that with their increased use of talent platforms, they can identified and utilized talent in every corner of the world.  Ensuring the talent who are engaged as non-full time contractors are fully compliance is a primary concern for these corporations.

This talent is being identified in countries where many corporations does not have offices and local contractor knowledge.  As indicated in a recent Spend Matters Article, sponsored by CXC Global “Organizations that are expanding or competing on a global scale are often perceived as using contract workers as an inexpensive source of labor. Yet the local foreign talent sourced is actually a critical part of a total talent strategy for a company, and with a proper adoption process, access to skills available in the new or expanding country provides enhanced opportunities to sell into and operate in foreign markets.”  CXC Global as an expert in contractor classification and payroll for 25 years is seeing dramatic growth in the global gig-economy segment  as we have been select by two global organizations to classify, manage and payroll their global on-demand talent.

Global Expansion

During the first half of 2017 to assist our client’s, partners and contractors, CXC Global expanded our coverage into 5 new countries in Eastern Europe and Africa. Our twitter feeds are followed around the world and we have collaborated in joint sessions with PWC Australia.

Educating Globally

CXC Global has over 7500 twitter followers over worldwide twitter handles and has put out over 3500 tweets.  Our north American team has contributed over  450 LinkedIn posts with content on the global contingent labor and contractor payroll industry.

We continue to be committed to educating companies and individuals around the globe and sharing our knowledge gained from over 25 years in the contingent workforce business.

We look forward to the rest of 2017 and bringing you our end of year wrap up.