2018 FIFA World Cup – Global Teams Unite!

The 2018 Fifa World Cup gets under way on Thursday when hosts Russia face Saudi Arabia following an opening ceremony at Moscow’s Luzhniki Stadium.

On behalf of the CXC Global group, we’d like to take this opportunity to wish all the teams competing the best of luck, though we know it also takes much skill and training to reach the global arena and be able to compete.

As always, it is a pleasure to see countries and teams uniting in the spirit of healthy competition and being a global business, we take great joy in cheering on the teams of the countries we represent, especially our Russian team as they host this global event.

Who Will Win?

No-one knows who will win the 2018 World Cup, but there are some favorites.

World Cup holders Germany, five-time winners Brazil, Euro 2016 winners Portugal, 2014 runners-up Argentina, Belgium, Poland and 1998 winners France are among the eight seeded teams, according to an article posted by the BBC.

Favored to win or not, we send a big shout out to all the teams, our CXC Global offices and Partners in the competing countries!

FIFA 2026

We are also excited to learn that North America, Canada and Mexico won the bid for 2026 and look forward to welcoming our global teams to our region.  See you there!

“It’s an exciting time when the nations of the world come together in the spirit of team and peace and we get to witness them as they showcase their talent at the highest level of competition.  Good luck to all the participating countries.”
Lou Calamaras, CCWP
Director Global Client Solutions,

CXC Global North America.