Best Practices When Engaging Global Talent

HRU Seattle article

On March 9th, 2017 John Smith, Managing Director, CXC Global Americas and Louis Calaramas, Director Global Client Solutions attended HRU Seattle, where Smith spear headed the day by facilitating and leading the discussion about the different types of solutions globally for engaging contractors, the risks involved and how to avoid them.

We caught up with Calamaras after the conference. “As a lead-off presenter, John led an open-dialog discussion focusing on current global trends as it pertains to international contractor payment and benefit administration. While shooting off up-to-date facts, country-by-country, John was able to extract personal experiences from the audience leading to an engaged back-and-forth about installing best-practices for when global talent is secured, how to properly and lawfully payroll so the reasoning behind the hire in the first place is uninterrupted.”

Next up, Smith and Calaramas will continue their nation-wide tour at SIG 2017 in Florida.

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