Access to Talent Solution for a Microsoft Supplier in Latin America

Case Study
  • region: Latin America
  • industry: Technology

Our Client

CXC partners with a Microsoft supplier based in Latin America, whose focus is on accelerating their customers’ growth and are enablers of transitioning their customers into a digital business development model.

The Situation

The client needed to find and partner with a third-party company that could provide headhunting capabilities and supply three pre-qualified candidates within a seven-day timeframe. They needed to fill incoming global requests to meet Microsoft’s demand for IT consultants.

Due to their quick growth, the client needed support to meet the requests within the timeframe, and were looking to centralize the access to talent process while ensuring all contractors were vetted.

Candidates were sourced for the client to fill the roles of:

  • Branch Manager
  • HR Manager
  • Finance and Administration analyst
  • IT Specialist

For the following locations:

  • Manila in the Philippines
  • Kuala Lumpur in Malaysia
  • Jakarta in Indonesia
  • Bangkok in Thailand

The client was also a staff reseller for São Paulo, Brazil and Paris, France.

CXC's Solution

CXC implemented a centralized global Access to Talent solution, enabling the client to meet their service level agreements (SLAs). Through CXC’s solution, we were able to source professionals and locate candidates, pre-select CVs, interview and present the selected candidates to the client and schedule interviews with HR and technical departments.

Following up on the final candidate selection CXC Latin America assisted the client with salary and start date negotiation.

CXC assisted the candidates with current contract resignation and monitored the candidate until the start of contract with the client.

We facilitated providing benefits for the workers, including life and health insurance, as well as processing quarterly bonuses.

CXC also identified the need to mitigate risk relating to contractor classification and have an external third-party workforce management company facilitate the vetting process and provide indemnification in case of Provincial, State or Federal Government audits, as well as processing audit activity.

The Results

CXC has built an Access to Talent Program based on a recruiting matrix of partners with regional and global coverage in all industries.

The CXC Access to Talent team works to identify and properly validate all candidate competences and fulfilment of certification requirements by customers.

During the headhunting process we assist customers with salary and benefits advice according to the local market where the consultants will be placed.

CXC Latin America ensure:

  • ETHICS AND INTEGRITY: We approach the candidates as if we were the customer.
  • VALUED RECRUITING PROCESS: We can identify challenging, hard to find profiles.
  • SPEED: Efficient processes to reduce recruiting times.
  • TRANSPARENCY: Providing all collected data during the process to our clients.
  • COST SAVINGS: by providing a local approach to our global customers.
The partnership with CXC enabled the Microsoft supplier to centralize the global access to talent process in a timely fashion to cover their challenging SLAs.”

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