Achieving Visibility & Compliance

Case Study
  • region: Europe
  • industry: Media & Telecommunications

Our Client

IMGIMG was founded in 1960 with a single deal that would prove the advent of modern-day sports marketing. They’re a global leader in sports, events, media and fashion, operating in more than 30 countries with 3,000 employees. The company represents and manages some of the world’s greatest sports figures and fashion icons; stages hundreds of live events and branded entertainment experiences annually; and is one of the largest independent producers and distributors of sports media.

The Situation

In the UK, IMG had little visibility over the use of contingent workers within their two business units, Production and Events. Their use of contingent labour was high; however, without structure and governed compliance processes in place, there were concerns on how the business could mitigate risk and adhere to current legislation.

They needed a model that would ultimately bring visibility, control and business compliance.

CXC's Solution

CXC partnered with the company to provide compliance, contract and payroll management solutions to contingent workers who were often freelancers who had serviced their business for up to 20 years. CXC completed, with the support of their HR data, a collection project to reach out to the company’s existing workforce to enable contingent workers to be made compliant.

Providing an MSP solution, CXC took ownership of all LTD and PAYE casual processes.

Key services we have provided to the company include:

  • Support and testing to build VMS system Fieldglass
  • Contract Resource Centre – dedicated team to support both LTD and PAYE Casual solutions
  • Full contingent worker visibility, within all business units, as part of the company
  • Compliance, contract and payroll management
  • Streamlined onboarding process and dedicated resource to support contingent workers
  • Quick Start guides and welcome packs to assist contingent workers with registration and assignment information
  • VMS system to manage, job postings, work orders, time and expenses for all managers and contingent workers
  • Daily status reports circulated to the IMG for job posting and work order activity
  • Support for all new onboards, contract extensions and terminations
  • Streamlined contracts process
  • Full contingent worker visibility within all business units as part of the company
  • Risk mitigation with HMRC
  • Online portals reducing manual processes
  • Onsite support across Production & Events – bi-weekly
  • Open days and systems training
  • Fieldglass training and support to managers and contingent workers
  • Supplier engagement for events business under AMA contract
  • High volume event support

CXC provide these services as an MSP model managing the end-to-end onboarding process for business units within the company

The Results

CXC’s MSP solution has delivered enhanced visibility, compliance and governance controls to the company:

  • Efficient process to engage contingent workers and turn around compliance within short timescales
  • Fully compliant contingent workers at live date and since then
  • Visibility and mechanism to enable HR to review usage trends
  • Streamlined invoicing process and payment schedule for both LTD and PAYE workers
  • Alternative invoice processes offered and delivered for a business unit
  • Faster payment terms resulting in payment being reduced to 2-week in arrears
  • Self-bill process, resulting in contingent workers no longer needing to raise an invoice to present to the company (both LTD and PAYE)
  • Compliant engagement and workforce management resulting in zero-employment claims
  • Thousands of work orders within Fieldglass have been accepted
  • Solutions built across UK

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