CXC’s change management support during implementation

Case Study
  • region: Australasia
  • industry: Financial Services

Our Client

This client is dedicated to developing and managing urban toll roads throughout Australia. In business since 1996, they have partnered closely with government clients to ‘strengthen communities through transport’.

The Situation

Given the nature of their work, this client undertakes numerous road projects throughout the nation, employing over 100 contract workers, usually for around ten months at a time. CXC was successful in winning a competitive tender process, which was focused on providing the client with greater consistency around agency margins and improved visibility of the contractor workforce.

When implementing the workforce management solution, change management was at the forefront of their priorities. It was a key objective of the implementation that the contractor, hiring manager and supplier experience was not negatively affected throughout the contractor transition process.

CXC's Solution

To support the client’s objectives, CXC ran contractor training sessions both on site and over webinar for remote workers. These webinars were recorded, emailed to all contractors and stored on the company portal for future reference, along with user guides and frequently asked questions. In addition, we hosted drop in sessions on site, where the CXC Account Manager and a HR representative made themselves available for contractors to have discussions regarding the changes and new process. These activities were journey mapped to ensure a consistent and seamless experience for contractors that were in scope, those that were out of scope and those that were joining the business part way through the change management and communication roll out.

Suppliers were engaged early in the implementation to announce the new program, obtain contractor data and confirm transition scope. Suppliers were kept informed of timelines and requirements and briefing sessions were conducted, greatly assisted by the fact the majority of suppliers were familiar with CXC.

Hiring Managers were engaged early in the design piece through discovery workshops, re-engaged where required and kept informed of project progress. Hiring Manager briefing sessions were conducted onsite over several days, specifically targeting those managers with active contractors and those that had engaged contractors within the last 12 months.

To further support the contractor transition CXC put in place a process for onboarding new starters earlier into the solution, prior to the existing worker transition. This was to enhance the contractor experience by ensuring new starters were not having to sign a new contract, complete additional onboarding documents and migrate to CXC timesheets shortly after their assignment commencement. This also enabled hiring managers and suppliers to feel secure in the new process prior to all contractors transitioning to CXC.

The Results

At go live there were 101 contractors engaged by CXC, across 11 agencies – 84 of these contractors were part of the transition population and 17 were onboarded as part of the early onboarding process.

By putting in place a change management strategy, we were able to:

  • Ensure a clear understanding of the program and its objectives to all stakeholders
  • Provide appropriate levels of information to different stakeholder groups dependent upon their differing needs, interest levels and change impact
  • Ensure training provided was adequate for the incumbent contractors, hiring managers and stakeholders and fit for purpose for future training of new hiring managers and stakeholders
  • Provide a seamless onboarding experience for contractors, improving productivity and efficiency
  • Provide complete visibility of all contractors transitioning to CXC, ensuring the client was 100% across all number and location of contractors
  • Highlight contractors that were currently non-compliant (e.g. where suppliers had not conducted mandatory police checks and contractors that did not hold appropriate insurances)
  • Minimise any disruption to hiring managers and providing greater workforce consistency
  • Engage suppliers throughout the implementation and train them on the new process, to ensure they could provide guidance to any contractors or hiring manages where required. Forming part of the communications plan to contractors, contractors were presented with a united front between the Client, CXC and Supplier.
  • Align all suppliers to a standard agency margin, and agency margin tenure, resulting in over $900k in direct savings within the first year of implementation, with an average of 120 contractors.

As one of the world’s top suppliers of contingent worker management solutions, CXC is perfectly positioned to optimise all elements of your contingent workforce strategy. With operations in more than 50 countries across 5 continents decades of experience, we can assist with every aspect of your program.

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