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31 May: How to Pay International Employees: The Ultimate Guide

These days, an employee doesn’t have to be physically in your office to work for your company — or even in the same country.
Opening your eyes to working with employees who aren’t located in your country can bring great results to your company — but there are a few administrative hoops you’ll need to jump through. The first one is figuring out how to pay international employees — which you need to do in a way that’s legal, compliant and secure, and doesn’t leave anyone out of pocket because of fluctuating exchange rates.

EU Directive on Labour Platforms

01 Feb: EU Directive on Labour Platforms: What It Means for Freelancers

For many people, working on platforms allows them the flexibility to earn a living while choosing their own working hours and adjusting how much they work as their other commitments change. And, since the barrier to entry for platform work is often relatively low, it can provide an opportunity to make money in economies where getting a traditional job is challenging. 


25 Nov: A3 Revolution

The A3 Revolution refers to the shift in the labour rapid changes that are taking over the labour landscape, Anytime, Anyplace, Anywhere. In the article we take a look at the A3 phenomenon and why it is revolutionising the staffing and hiring.