Characteristics of Employment, Australia, August 2014


Independent Contractors

  • There were approximately 1 million persons who were independent contractors in their main job in August 2014
  • Independent contractors made up 9% of all employed persons, and almost three quarters (74%) of all independent contractors were males
  • More than half (54%) of independent contractors were aged 45 years and over. (Data Cube 35)

Persons Who Found Their Job Through a Labour Hire Firm/Employment Agency

  • In August 2014, there were 599,800 persons (5% of all employed persons) who had found their job through a labour hire firm/employment agency, of which 59% were males.
  • Of those persons who had found their main job through a labour hire firm/employment agency, 28% were in the 35–44 year age group and 27% were in the 25–34 year age group. (Data Cube 36)