Climate Change and the Effects on the Contingent Workforce

A Red Alert was issued by Beijing’s city government recently, closing schools and construction sites and limiting the number of vehicles on the road.  Many areas within the Chinese capital were shutdown, due to the alarming levels of air pollution.

Parents were faced with the challenge of finding alternative care for the children who would normally be at school during the day.

Many people found themselves out of work while the shutdown was in place and some were able to pick up #contingent work to replace some or all of their work hours.

While the effects of changing climates can impact our communities negatively, in this case the #GigEconomy has had a positive spin, enabling people to find alternative work and perhaps work that didn’t require them to be outdoors.

In the case of China’s shutdown due to pollution, we were able to assist some of our global partners and clients to facilitate alternative ‘contingent’ or ‘gig’ work for their local workers and ensure compliant engagement.

View the full article by the New York Times here

With offices in over 50 countries around the world, CXC Global are able to assist companies and workers in providing compliant contingent workforce solutions for our partners and clients globally and keep up to date with legislative changes and local employment laws.

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