Maintain business continuity during COVID-19 with contingent workers

How’s your business continuity going during the current  COVID-19 situation? Panic stations? Or smooth sailing?

Have you considered the untapped value of contingent workers in this scenario? Take a look below…

A Bonus Not a Burden

Contingent workers are perceived as a potentially vulnerable segment of the workforce during the COVID-19 crisis.

But rather than viewing these workers as a burden to be removed from your business, consider the many ways contingent workers may help your operation during this period of uncertainty.

We’ve seen a number of organisations think and act laterally during this time – on the back of new and previously untested ways of deploying the skills and resources of their contingent workforce.

A sample of solutions where contingent workers can play a potentially significant role include:

  • keeping supply chains active
  • keeping distribution centres and delivery networks staffed and operating
  • managing your company’s help desk or customer service centre if volumes peak
  • filling skills gaps when employees or contract workers aren’t available, are unwell or need to take compassionate or carers leave
  • ramp up on-demand workers to deal with resource shortfalls caused by the pandemic. For example, the healthcare industry’s demand for temporary nurses or the supermarket supply chain, servicing the overstretched retail sector

Opportunity Plus

The opportunities for better business continuity during COVID-19, are very real. Your business can…

  • tap into the already at-home contingent workers, established to take on new client work with zero learning curve, zero hardware investment, maximum speed to productivity (we’re talking white-collar workers across most disciplines, here)
  • consider digital-native workers who already have the skills and experience in using the latest communications solutions, and who offer a diverse range of skills at a phone call’s notice

Forward-thinking organisations can, today, place themselves at a competitive advantage, by establishing relationships with the many contingents and freelance workers in the market.

There are other factors to consider here too, where contingent workers can add incredible value, as your business works to stem the tide of a potential downturn; factors we’re seeing materialise inside fast-thinking, adaptable organisations. Have a look at these considerations here:


Global companies have to be predictive and proactive in their decision-making to preserve business continuity and build enterprise resilience

The Mindset of the Contingent Worker

A key factor to consider with contingent workers on your team during this time is this:  these workers bring an established ‘flexible’ mindset.

Increasingly, we’re seeing contingent workers opting for ‘career contracting’. So, inherently there’s an open attitude to being pliable, adaptable and resourceful in your organisation’s workforce.

Flexibility options may include the following:

  • working remotely (now mandatory)
  • flexible start and finish times
  • compressed hours or realigned schedules and working weeks
  • job share

And make sure you’re talking and staying close with your contingent workers and where their thinking is at.

Keep the dialogue open as to their hours and days of work, (non-competitive) opportunities they may have elsewhere, working multiple jobs. The more flexibility they have, the more loyal and empowered they will be, and the more valuable to your organisation.

Mindset is a critical factor to consider during these uncertain times. Many workers will find the adjustment difficult. So for project continuity and maintaining output and productivity, keep contingent workers central to your ‘new order’ workforce planning.

Is your organisation making the most of contingent workers during these uncertain times? It could be the difference not just between surviving and thriving – but the very existence of your business may be at stake.


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