Contingent Workforce Compliance Experts CXC Global at SIA GIGE Collaboration in the Gig Economy Sept 19-21

CXC COMPLY - Global independent contractor compliance platform, for vetting, worker classification, right to work checks, contractor payroll and payments worldwide. The first of its kind. Book a demo or stop by BOOTH A at SIA's GigE2021 Sept 19-21 in Phoenix. Out of towners can book a zoom call.

cxc global compliance experts at sia’s gige2021

The CXC Global team are  back  and headed to Staffing Industry Analysts’ Collaboration in the Gig Economy 2021, to be held in the Sheraton Downtown in Phoenix, Arizona on September 19-21, 2021.

CXC are proud to be sponsors once again for this gig economy and contingent workforce industry event and looking forward to meeting with our trusted allies and making new connections at this event.

Find us at our BOOTH A and look for the CXC COMPLY and CXC Global signage.

Attending this year from our team:

  • John Smith, Managing Director, CXC Americas
  • Connor Heaney, Managing Director, CXC EMEA
  • Konner Scherry, Global Solutions Manager, North America
  • Javier Romeu, Global Solutions Manager, North America


If it’s one thing we have witnessed in the last few years, it’s that governments all around the world are racking down on compliance and in particular, how workers are classified as either independent contractors or employees.

The onboarding of workers domestically and around the world sets the stage for how a company classifies and deals with different types of workers.  Worker classification plays a large part towards how payments are facilitated to the worker and what statutory costs are involved with payment processing.


CXC Global, since its inception in 1992 has maintained a focus on compliance, enabling companies to engage talent compliantly, both locally and internationally, in keeping with local in-country laws.

CXC’s proprietary platform, CXC COMPLY was developed in the Salesforce cloud environment, allowing full integration.  CXC COMPLY is a global independent contractor compliance platform and its key functionality includes:

  • Worker Classification
  • Vetting
  • Right to Work
  • Global Contractor Payments / Payroll

CXC Comply is our evaluation and compliance technology ensuring the proper classification of contractors in every country we service.  Worker classification is now top of mind to organizations engaging independent contractors.  Misclassification of contingent talent can be costly.

Get in touch with one of our team to book a demo of CXC COMPLY .  We’ll be at the Sheraton Downtown from September 19-21 or stop by our BOOTH A to talk to our team on the ground.


CXC Global has received recognition for being a leading provider of global independent contractor compliance and payroll solutions.

CXC enables companies to achieve a competitive advantage through managing contingent workforce quality, efficiency and risk, while reducing costs.

Partnering with CXC enables companies to have an increased employed worker experience, reduction in cost to manage the program and ensures full transparency and visibility into their global contingent workforce.

Self-employed misclassification risks are avoided with using CXC Comply, ensuring that all contractors, regardless of classification, are properly classified and fully compliant with the client’s background screening requirements allowed by local in-country laws. CXC provides full workforce indemnification, prepares and holds audit defense files and carries excess liability insurance.