Contingent Workforce Expansion and Global Compliance – Whitepaper

It is no secret that today’s contingent workforce, which is comprised of temporary staff, freelancers, independent talent, and SOW-based labor, is rapidly growing and evolving. As businesses continue the pursuit for talented workers, they are frequently finding that flexible, contingent workers hold the necessary skillsets and expertise for critical enterprise projects and initiatives. With the contingent workforce moving to an “on-demand” format, where executives and professionals can engage independent talent via a variety of means (including social media, business networks, and private talent pools), many of today’s contingent workers are sourced outside of standardized contingent workforce management (CWM) programs…leaving the enterprise exposed to a variety of compliance risks.

Today’s contingent workforce is growing at a rapid pace: Ardent Partners predicts that, within the next three years, nearly 50% of the average company’s total workforce will be considered “independent” or “contractor.” As businesses around the globe continue to manage the “war for talent,” the total scope of their contingent workforce management (CWM) programs will expand…and evolve.

The many intricacies of today’s contingent workforce have forced businesses to balance a series of priorities, including quality, costs, budget, and, of course, compliance. As this industry continues to evolve, companies will look to expand their external workforce to new locales and regions, often unaware of the various risks that await if their contingent workers are mismanaged or not tracked properly.

This whitepaper traces the evolution of this workforce to the present day and discusses the criticality of global compliance management in today’s CWM programs.  Some of the topics covered include:

  • Evolution, Growth, and the Future of Work
  • Today’s Contingent Workforce: Meet Your On-Demand Talent
  • Going Global: The Expansion of Today’s Contingent Workforce
  • Global Compliance Management and Evolving Risks
  • Outsourced Compliance Management
  • The importance of localized “experts” and services in supporting global contingent workforce programs.

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