Contingent Workforce Talent Supply Chain

Digital Evolution of the Contingent Workforce

The contingent workforce is constantly changing, in the way businesses access talent and on the flip side how workers access jobs or tasks.  Apps and online platforms have made this easier and subsequently the number of people doing gig work has increased, whether on a full time basis, or as a side hustle to supplement income.

Management and supply of contingent workforce talent and services has also undergone huge changes and is expected to undergo more significant changes in the next few years.

“The most recent factor change in the talent supply chain was the advent of VMS (over 15 years ago). Given how much the world of commerce has changed since that time, we probably should not be surprised that another round of change has now begun.  Tech enabled labour/services intermediaries.”

Peter Oreb, CEO CXC Global

Renowned workforce analyst Andrew Karpie of Spend Matters talks about the effects of digitization on the contingent workforce supply chain in a recently published article.  Click here to see the full article.

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Written by Kathryn Hopkins