CXC Global Announce Partnership with Bunker Insurance

CXC Global Provides Access to Insurance for Independent Contractors

CXC Global, leaders in global contingent workforce management solutions are pleased to announce a partnership with Bunker Insurance.

With a compliance first approach, CXC Global provides global contractor workforce managed service solutions and ensures compliant contractor worker engagement. Enabling companies to engage a compliant worldwide contractor workforce has been CXC Global’s mission for the last 26 years.

The expansion of the extended workforce, also widely referred to as non-employee / project-based / contingent workforce,  has created further challenges for businesses and workers alike.

Freelancers, consultants and contract workers are expected to make up half the nation’s workforce within the next decade — a significant shift away from traditional employment models.

To stay competitive for talent and remain compliant, businesses are now having to embrace the extended workforce and enable workers to have the flexibility and independence they desire, while still ensuring a compliantly engaged workforce.

CXC Global’s contractor managed services solutions, focuses on global non-employee payroll & compliance, insurance liability protection, accurate and timely tax reporting and currency conversion management. Having extensive experience managing global currencies, allows for payments to be made to contractors in their home currency and clients / partners being invoiced where they are headquartered, thereby providing a simplified invoicing process.

The partnership with Bunker will enable contractors to have access to the insurance coverage they are required to have as an independent, through the CXC Global / Bunker portal.  Click here to visit the portal and get started!

Bunker is a natural fit within the standard independent contractor onboarding process to provide the exact insurance required per specific company guidelines,  in as short as a few minutes, rather than a few weeks. Bunker’s free platform is an intuitive, co-branded experience with a short application process online, the ability to tailor coverage based on the length of engagement and is more cost effective than traditional insurance.

We are excited to make the partnership with Bunker official“, says John Smith, Managing Director, CXC Global North Americaand we look forward to being able to provide contractors with access to insurance, in a simple and time efficient manner.  For contractors, it will be as easy as a click of a button.”