#CXCFutureofWork Summit Recap – Redefining The Future of Work

The New Generation Workforce

Have you wondered about how technology is changing the face of HR, Talent Acquisition and Recruitment?

What about how to navigate the Gig Economy and how to prepare your organization for the increased complexity of engaging Contractors and Independent Workers?

The New Generation Workforce is here and it is changing the way we work on a global scale.
The CXC Global and CXC Corporate Services ‘Globalization and the Future of Work Summit II’ was recently held in Dublin on Nov 4th 2015 at the Marker Hotel. #CXCFutureofWork

Attendees came from around the globe to meet with peers and industry leaders, talk about how the world of work is changing and to hear from specially selected panelists on what is in store for the Future of Work.

There is a “new normal” in the global workforce that must be considered when providing global workforce programs.  There is explosive temp labor growth, technology evolution with online work and freelance management systems, emerging global markets, global talent shortages in a knowledge based economy.  As the saying goes “it takes a village”, says Terri Gallagher of Gallagher and Consultants, one of the panelists at the Summit,  in her recent article Global Contingent Workforce Strategy – Opportunities and Challenges.  “In the gig economy, people don’t see corporations as a safe and stable place.  They want to create their own path and stability.  It’s important that there be a collaborative element and it really does take a village to deliver our clients true workforce strategy that works, not only from an industry standard, but a globalization standard, incorporating the right technology options.  Being around my peers and different leaders in this space has been such a valuable experience.”

Jason Kennedy of Alexander Mann Solutions in his presentation on the future
of recruitment in relation to technology says “They pitch tasks into the cloud. They are not looking to buy the talent.  They’re looking for the talent to buy the task.  Not a job, but a part of a job.  Things have moved to cloud sourcing and crowd sourcing.  It’s people in this new economy, this ‘gig economy‘ who are taking control of their own destiny.”


As per Connor Heaney, MD CXC Corporate Services, “The gig economy poses a huge amount of opportunity for the end users, but also for the workers themselves.  What is often forgotten is the risks that can bring on the employer and if you look at some of the litigation ongoing at the moment, it’s absolutely crazy.  What we need is one organisation to come together and create a framework of standards around the ‘gig economy’.”

Constantin Gurdgiev, renowned global economist also provided some very challenging insights into the global impact of the ‘Gig Economy’ as referenced in his recent article. “I think it’s really crucial, in terms of looking into the future and the development of the future of work and the future of the workplace, to consider the issues which relate to the gig economy,” said Constantin.

According to Temp Buddy CEO Rod Smyth , “It is how we view technology; whether we want to embrace it or whether we want to leverage it, it is the way of the future and the way people are going now.  They want to interact with it.”

“Everyone is content marketing, everyone is spamming; there is so much noise going on.  I think the issue for all of us over the next five years is how we get talent attention, not how we attract talent.  Work is changing so fast, particularly with the move towards more contingent workforces, the gig economy etc” said Matt Alder, futurist for technology and recruitment, all of which topics were talked about at the Summit.

Discussions between panelists and attendees kept the room buzzing after the Summit about the mobile global worker, who is the contingent workforce in the world we live in now, particularly in the gig and on-demand economy.

CXC Future of Work

CXC Corporate Services are committed to hosting further discussions where, along with our selected panelists we can, as mentioned by Steven Salsberg of Rision INC, define technology and an index of best practices to service and empower the mobile global contingent workforce and their employers.

“Part of our mission in life is to pay back to the market place and educate the market place with what we learn in other countries and provide people with information that is valuable to them and to their businesses,” said Dave Thomas, Chairman of CXC Global.

We caught up with Orla Byrnes, Global Sales & Marketing Manager for CXC Corporate Services at the end of the event to ask her feedback on the evening.  “We wanted to create an event that was educational, inspiring and one that people felt they could go away with good quality, intellectual knowledge and I think we achieved that. We are moving towards future events in 2016.  Feedback has been very positive and we are hoping to grow globally with these events.”

Following on from the Summit CXC Corporate Services will be setting up a taskforce to address the Future of Work and invite expressions of interest from people that attended the Summit or anyone in the human capital world.

It’s time to shake things up and standardize things for the Future of Work and make it better for both the employer and the contingent worker.

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