Direct Sourcing in Poland – A Case Study

In a previous article, I highlighted the benefits of direct sourcing as a process. It can be summed up in three words – cheaper, faster and better. Similarly, I have also written about why companies should consider engaging contingency workers in Poland.

Bearing both those articles in mind, I thought it would be useful to provide a working example of direct sourcing in Poland, so I’m going to talk through a case study with one of CXC’s current clients in this fascinating country.

The client

Our client is a global success story, operating for almost a century in the aviation industry. Its signature brand is known throughout the world, not just by people in the industry, but also the layman on the street. It currently manages 3,000 plus employees across four continents.

The situation

Like many large multinationals, our client had built up an extensive roster of contingency workers from a wide variety of suppliers. The direct outcome of this was a range of contracts and varied recruitment margins, which created the potential for non-compliant practices, possible risk and process inefficiencies.

The solution

By partnering with CXC as the sole strategic on-site partner, the contingent workforce challenges were immediately addressed. Using one of the top global vendor management systems (VMS), CXC took full responsibility for the entire supply chain to enable central management of suppliers and the contingent workforce.

Initiatives as part of the programme included:

  • A central, internal CXC reference point for all the client’s contingent workforce concerns
  • A consistent candidate attraction campaign highlighting and enhancing the client’s employer brand
  • One system for supplier and direct recruitment, onboarding, invoicing and payroll.

The results

First and foremost, the whole process for the client was more streamlined, uniform and efficient. By maximising exposure of the employer brand, we were able to raise the profile of the client and attract a higher calibre of candidates. Hiring managers subsequently had access to a wider talent pool and the time-to-fill the vacancies was reduced dramatically. Data covering the entire process was easier to analyse and forecast, including the cost, which was reduced by 10% YoY and all presented in one invoice.

A true partnership was established, resulting in a more straightforward process for the client and the candidates. Consequently, within six months, they were rolling it out to other divisions and countries.

If you would like to find out more about direct sourcing in Poland or other European countries, please get in touch, we’d be delighted to show how you can make cost-savings, increase efficiencies and lower risk.

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