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“Japan possesses one of the largest contingent workforce populations per capita in the world, however their labor laws are very strict where allowing for a compliance shield to almost a requirement.  That said, this article is very interesting as an increasing amount of start-ups access project-based talent, however move so quickly that compliance is rarely brought up in Talent Acquisition discussions.  Until an alarm is sounded by a person or local government!” – Louis B. Calamaras, CCWP, Global Client Solutions Director, CXC Global North America.



“The utilization of “alternative currencies” and “alternative payment” modes have been the topic at CXC Global’s Semi-Annual Global Directors Conferences since 2014.  As your company expands or enters into the utilization of global non-employee talent for projects or contingent work, take consideration of the laws and requirements of the country where your work will be performed.  A compliance first approach will all keep risk mitigation in line with company goals and expectations.” John F Smith, Managing Director, CXC Global Americas.



John F Smith providing keynote speech at the 2017 Global Expansion, Technology and Talent Forum at the UCI Center for Applied Innovation. [youtube]