CXC wins Best Employer of Record (EOR) Service Provider [SILVER]

CXC is the Silver Winner of the Best Employer of Record (EOR) Service Provider award at the HRM Readers’ Choice Awards 2021.

We are proud to receive the SILVER award for the best Employer of Record (EoR) Service Provider at the HRM Asia Reader’s Choice Awards.

CXC was established in Australia in 1992 before expanding globally. With the rapid change in workforce dynamics and organisational growth, CXC simplifies how organisations and candidates connect compliantly and efficiently. Our goal has always been to help clients better manage their workforce by giving them access to quality talent, as well as supporting the candidates in navigating the legalities of the employment market. Winning the silver award for the Best Employer of Record (EOR) Service Provider category is a true testament of our commitment in providing highest-quality solutions.

At CXC, we engage your contingent and remote workers directly, on your behalf; as well as monitor and manage the contract lifecycle no matter the size of your organisation.

Our services ensure a simple, seamless process for both the worker and organisation, mitigating the risks while minimising the administration process.

  • CXC manages payroll in over 65 countries across the world via a vast network of legal entities.
  • CXC enables you to retain full ownership of your IP rights in every country where you operate.
  • CXC ensures that you fully optimise your risk mitigation by eliminating any unnecessary risk exposure.
  • CXC’s team of risk and compliance and HR specialists, working with legal entities and dedicated partners all over the world, protect your business.
  • CXC’s seamless payroll services offer fast, flexible, and effective payroll with guaranteed on-time payments to your contingent and remote workers.
  • CXC provides a consistent worker experience through our onboarding and payroll process.

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