Ensuring the safety of our client’s contingent workforce

Case Study
  • region: Australasia
  • industry: Industrial

The Situation

CXC’s Workforce Management relationship with this client spans over four years and covers up to 1,500 contractors across a variety of role types, engagement types and geographic locations.

As part of our duty of care to the contractors we manage, and to ensure that the contractors are able to perform efficiently and effectively, we endeavour to provide the safest working environment.

Prior to our engagement, this client’s contractors had limited operational WHS support, which presented a significant liability to the business.

CXC have been quick to respond to issues, participate in discussions and honor their commitments for where issues need to be followed up in a very professional manner. CXC take the time to consult, seek input from my department and are prepared to amend, change systems and processes to accommodate my concerns where the issue may be a risk. I look forward and would be delighted to continue working with CXC in the future.

CXC's Solution

CXC has implemented and managed compliance with a strong contractor focused WHS program, which includes:

  • Working with the contractor resourcing team to assess the contractor pipeline and ensure that WHS procedures are maintained without undue delay to contractor start date
  • Site visit program utilising a senior HSE Specialist resulting in risk assessments and hazard identification for sites
  • Site induction checklist procedure matched to site risk assessments, to ensure all contractors received appropriate induction to sites (including verification from designated management personnel)
  • Incident reporting communications to all contractors to drive reporting of incidents to CXC Global in a timely manner
  • Working closely with HSE to ensure managers understand CXC contractors can use InjuryNET medical providers to ensure safety of personnel is paramount
  • Working closely with HSE to establish a seamless handover to CXC when its contractors are directed incorrectly
  • Supported the pre-employment screening program with targeted assistance, in particular for transition candidates.

The Results

CXC has worked tirelessly to drive a preventative, best practice approach to WHS management. We are proud to have helped shape and implement initiatives that have contributed to raising the awareness of the client’s safety campaign across as much of the contingent workforce population as possible.

We are also proud to boast a TRIFR among the contractor population that is consistently and significantly lower than recorded for the remainder of the total workforce.

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