Improving the timeliness and compliance of time sheets

Case Study
  • region: Australasia
  • industry: Technology

This company is a global information technology company that provides a portfolio of IT services, software, and technology solutions. They build industry-leading technology outcomes securely for clients across the Government, Financial Services and Commercial markets, including contracts with Dell, Apple and Lenovo. They pride themselves on security, compliance and innovative outcomes.

The business model is centred heavily around their contingent workforce: clients log IT support requests through their contractor portal, which is then accessed by their field or in-house technical experts. With over 122 active contractors in Australia, they pride themselves on an efficient, responsive service.

The Situation

Previously, this company worked with Allegis as their workforce management provider. During this time, they had difficulty with manual timesheet systems and a lack of oversight.

Their in-house contractors logged hours within the system that only they could view, causing missed payments. Their field contractors had manual timesheets, different to each of their clients, causing inconsistencies. Just some of the issues with these systems included:

  • Missing and mismatched information on timesheets
  • Invoicing files sent after deadline
  • Pay queries not being resolved in a timely manner
  • Lack of transparency and communication
  • Minimum wage back-pay outstanding
  • Incorrect version of timesheets in use.

To mitigate these issues, and best support their hiring needs into the future, they conducted an extensive review of their program. In December, they appointed Randstad as their new recruitment partner, in collaboration with CXC for the management of all contingent workers.

As a contractor, CXC provide reliable & timely assistance for a wide range of services including timesheeting, payroll & tax queries. Having a main contact centre is invaluable in terms of saving time & reassurance that someone will be able to assist straight away.

CXC's Solution

CXC provided a dedicated client services team to contractors that assisted with all timesheet, payroll and tax queries. Due to the significant time sheeting challenges, in the initial phases we needed to undertake manual workarounds to ensure all contractors were paid accurately and compliantly.

Although difficult, CXC were able to fix multiple process issues, since program implementation. Previously, Allegis would process contractor payroll without compliance checks. Through our extensive due diligence process, CXC were able to determine that various contractors were being paid under the minimum wage. This led to a further review of the rate processes, where we discovered this was the case for several contractors.

Additionally, we kept the client informed of legislation changes, protecting them from noncompliance risk. When the Western Australian payroll tax changed in the last financial year, they were affected, but unaware of the impact. We immediately communicated the need to update their system to ensure compliance.

The Results

Through comprehensive collaboration, CXC resolved time-sheeting issues to deliver a service where contractors are paid efficiently and accurately. CXC have met 100% of all SLA targets, including invoice and payment timeframes and accuracy. We are continuing to work with the client to implement automatic systems that simplify the whole process.

In addition to mitigating inconsistencies and inefficiencies around the payroll process, CXC have implemented robust compliance checks and systems to ensure they are not at risk. We have worked with the client to audit their program, make contract amendments and provide education on upcoming legislative changes. The cost-savings from these initiatives has been significant, circumventing unnecessary fines and legal fees.

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