Providing Medibank with a best-in-class contractor solution for pandemic support

Case Study
  • region: Australasia
  • industry: InsuranceHealthcare

Our Client

CXC has partnered with Medibank since 2016, where we have sourced, onboarded, managed and paid contractors, including physiotherapists, nurses and occupational therapists. We work across all corporate business units at Medibank, including HealthStrong (aged care), ahm (affordable health insurance) and Care Complete (chronic health management).

The Situation

In the middle of 2021, after a significant period of relative calm, Sydney’s COVID-19 cases began to accelerate. Faced with the colossal task of following up hundreds of close contacts, NSW Health partnered with Medibank to provide support. This began as a hotline for people seeking health advice for COVID-19 symptoms and evolved to provide contract tracing and wellbeing resources.

To undertake this large project, Medibank needed to onboard, train and deploy large volumes of experienced contractors in an incredibly short period of time.

CXC's Solution

Over the course of four months in 2021, CXC worked with Medibank to develop and maintain a best-in-class contractor solution for pandemic support in Sydney. These roles included:

  • Registered nurses for giving clinical advice to callers.
  • Contact tracers for investigating sources of infection.
  • COVID wellbeing officers to check in on people in quarantine.
  • Clinical leads as a senior point of escalation and management.

The core requirements for undertaking a project of this scale and scope were efficiency and effectiveness. Large numbers of contractors needed to be onboarded in a very short timeframe, while going through established background and certification checking.

To ensure we met these objectives, CXC implemented the following initiatives:

  1. Dedicated Medibank resources

CXC provided Medibank with a dedicated account management team to facilitate onboarding, extensions and disengagement. This included a monitored Medibank inbox to centralise all contractor queries.

We trained resources from other departments to assist our compliance team in conducting background checks, reducing the time around audits and rejections.

  1. Robust compliance function

Contractors in the health insurance industry require comprehensive documentation – for instance, medical practitioners need accreditation, insurances, and current registration with AHPRA. CXC ensured all nurses met these requirements during the tight onboarding timeline, through our proven processes and dedicated compliance team.

Additionally, we provided advice on minimum rates, when to provide breaks, shift rates and rostering. When the project was slowing down, we needed to conduct over 100 disengagements, which needed to be compliant with our contract and law.

  1. Automation and streamlining of technology

Medibank used SAP Fieldglass to capture their contractors’ timesheets. Previously, Medibank would need to submit each work order individually, and onboarding emails needed to be sent manually through Adobe.

CXC integrated MuleSoft API to ensure data flowed seamlessly from SAP Fieldglass to our MyExchange Salesforce system. This allowed us to take ownership of processes, and automate bulk extensions, committed spend updates, addition of shift rates, rate audits and updates. Our team also built a tool for interpreting award rates in bulk, saving two days of doing it manually.

Additionally, our IT team was able to automate onboarding emails through our MyExchange system, which included welcome emails. Contractors are sent automatic reminder SMSs to follow up on submitting details and timesheets.

  1. Opening a second invoicing cycle

Due to the large number of contractors, we decided to open a second invoicing cycle, ensuring that all workers were paid accurately on time, every time.

This gave contractors an additional day to submit their timesheets, and more time for hiring managers to review and approve the timesheets

  1. Ensuring Talent pool

Once a worker’s contract finished, we ensured they were put into our Workforce Exchange talent pooling program. This ensures that, should Medibank need to scale up operations again to meet a government requirement, CXC has access to known, proven workers that are already certified and ready to work.

The Results

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Over a four-month period, CXC onboarded 729 new contractors on behalf of Medibank. This included:

  • June: 28 registered nurses.
  • July: 41 contact tracers.
  • August: 188 contact tracers and COVID wellbeing officers.
  • September:472 COVID wellbeing officers, registered nurses and clinical leads.

At our peak, CXC was onboarding 200 workers in a week, and often upwards of 50 workers in a single day.

During this time, CXC acted as the conduit between contractors and Medibank, keeping our client informed at every step of the way. This included providing FAQ documents, meeting with all stakeholders three times a week, providing analysis and trends on what we’re seeing in the market.

Despite the high volume of workers, CXC ensured that every contractor had a positive experience. Our automated contractor touch points included:

  • Welcome video – On the portal, contractors can watch an explainer video that introduces CXC and outlines the initial onboarding requirements.
  • First day reminder – Contractors receive an SMS with key details for their first day, including where to go, what time and who to report to.
  • Services introduction – On day 12, contractors receive an email outlining our full range of services, including salary packaging, discount memberships and our employee assistance program.
  • Specialist introduction – On day 21, contractors receive an email about CXC’s assigned account manager and their contact details if they need to reach out to them.

We also routinely undertook pulse surveys throughout their contract. This information allowed us to identify general sentiment and identify areas for improvement.

To find out more about how CXC can assist your organisation with a best-in-practice contractor solution get in touch with us today!

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