Sourcing Strategy for Engaging Indigenous Contingent Workers at Medibank

Case Study
  • region: Australasia
  • industry: InsuranceHealthcare

Our Client

MedibankMedibank is Australia’s second largest integrated national healthcare company providing health insurance to over 3.7 million members. Medibank’s purpose is Better Health for Better Lives, aiming to deliver better health for all Australians through health services, health system advocacy and work in the community.

CXC has provided contingent workforce and supply chain management services to Medibank.

The Situation

As the first private health insurer in Australia to develop a Reconciliation Action Plan (RAP), Medibank have a proven commitment to promoting a diverse and inclusive workforce.

Medibank recognises that the contribution of Aboriginal & Torres Strait Islander Peoples is vital to their better health purpose. They are working towards their RAP commitment to increase the number of Aboriginal & Torres Strait Islander employees at Medibank, via sustainable and meaningful career opportunities.

Championed by Carrie Harding, Contingent Workforce Engagement Lead, Medibank set about pioneering a diversity strategy to improve the contingent workforce mix to their large contractor base.

CXC's Solution

As Medibank’s contingent workforce management and Managed Services Provider (MSP), CXC is a close partner to Medibank and is aligned to their values and organisational goals.

In partnership with Medibank, we set out to deploy an Indigenous-owned recruitment panel focused on improving the diversity of contingent workers.

CXC achieved this goal through:

Reviewing Medibank’s RAP to identify the areas we could make a positive effect and agreeing with Medibank on the best ways we could deliver these outcomes

Identifying suitable suppliers in the marketplace by researching current Indigenous sourcing panels across various industries, reaching out to suppliers and ascertaining their ability to deliver into corporate roles

Conducting interviews and deploying an Indigenous-sourcing-specific RFI designed to identify suppliers with true capability in this space

Appointing a suitably-vetted specialist recruitment panel with a focus on majority-owned Indigenous businesses.

CXC implemented the suppliers into the recruitment panel, and provided reporting to Medibank to track status, accessibility and adjustment to working environments.

The Results

CXC was successful in screening and ultimately engaging with a number of partners for Indigenous recruitment.

We based the success of our program on the Department of Education, Employment and Workplace Relations measures of success:

  • Sustained employment
  • Improved health and wellbeing
  • Regional demands for skills and labour met
  • Lives changed by increasing self-esteem through work
  • Lives and mindsets changed in both the Indigenous and broader community

Based on these measures, the Indigenous recruitment panel has been a resounding success, with a significant number of new contractors being sourced through the panel. Medibank is now looking to roll out a similar program for accessibility, as well as implementing some of these practices into their wider permanent employment arrangements.

According to Carrie Harding, Contingent Workforce Engagement Lead for Medibank:

“CXC is a partner that strongly aligns to our values in this area, and our partnership has enabled us to improve employment outcomes to help close the gap for Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islanders.

The CXC team has done so well to embed smart, streamlined sourcing through Indigenous owned suppliers, and I’m proud to be a part of this initiative. Together, we’re working towards building an inclusive and diverse workforce, where there are equal employment opportunities for all Australians.”

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