How are contingent workers measuring up?

A recent survey, partly commissioned by Time magazine, looked at how companies are coping with new workforce trends such as the growth of the contingent workforce and on-demand economy. Here we’ve put together some key findings from the Workforce of the Future Survey that help determine just how well contingent workers are measuring up.

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The Workforce of the Future Survey was conducted online and interviewed 800 employers.

  • 60% of the employers surveyed report using contingent workers
  • of the 60% above, 57% of employers expect to use more contingent workers in the future
  • 90% of employers specify using independent contractors for flexibility & high-end skills, as the need arises
  • 86% of employers who have used contingent workers cited cost savings as their reason
  • 97% of employers who use independent contractors are satisfied with their performance
  • 80% of employers that engage contingent workers say they do so ‘because they can quickly adjust the size of their  workforce, save money on benefits and tailor the worker to specific tasks’
  • only 58% of employers believe full-time employees to be more loyal than independent contractors

Other Key Findings

  • 35% of employers state they will increase the amount of on-demand economy services they use & provide in the next 5 years
  • 68% of employers are favourable towards the on-demand economy
  • 52%of employers believe the on-demand economy is creating more wage-earning opportunities for workers

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