Contingent Workforce Management: The Predictions 2016 v’s 2017

At the onset of every New Year, predictions are made for the how different industries will evolve in the forthcoming 12 months. Our industry, contingent workforce management, is no different.

Here we’ve taken a step back and revisited the predictions made at the start of 2016 and subsequently looked ahead at the 12 months to come, with predictions made by supply management experts, Ardent Partners.

Contingent Workforce Management


TOTAL WORKFORCE MANAGEMENT PROGRAMS will be high on the agenda for many organisations.

ON-DEMAND WORKFORCE will continue to grow and alter the way organisations find talent.

HR & PROCUREMENT SOLUTIONS and software platforms, along with social networks, will continue to evolve and better integrate with one another.

KEY BUSINESS PROJECTS will further involve contingent workers and the level to which they are involved with strategic operational efforts will intensify.

TECHNOLOGIES that drive the on-demand workforce will globally become the common ‘go to place’ for recruitment and talent engagement.


CONTINGENT WORKFORCE MANAGEMENT PROGRAMS will change as organisations take a different approach to the relationship they have with their total workforce. Self-sourcing, in-depth analytics, and gamification will generate insights into how to best manage and engage contingent workers.

BLENDED WORKFORCES and total workforce management will continue to influence the future of work. Now, with the right technologies available, organisations can better respond to the gravities of global business, aligning the need for skills with the best skill sets irrespective of the source of that talent.

THE NON EMPLOYEE WORKFORCE and the innovative solutions that come with it will make an impact on the subtleties of work; the way  it is regarded and approached. i.e. freelancers placed in roles historically held by traditional employees.

‘FUTURE OF WORK’ as a concept, will evolve this year as mobility, work optimisation, talent engagement options, innovation and artificial intelligence continue to advance.

HUMAN CAPITAL MANAGEMENT PRINCIPLES will become a focus for procurement, as they take a more ‘talent-led’ approach to contingent workforce management.


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