Contractor Newsletter | December 2017

Our office closure over the holiday season

Yep, it’s that time of year again! The holiday season is well and truly upon us. During this time of year, it is important to be aware that you may need to make some special arrangements to accommodate your timesheet/payroll cycles.

All our offices will be closed on the main holidays:

  • Christmas Day – Monday 25 December 2017
  • Boxing Day – Tuesday 26 December 2017
  • New Year’s Day – Monday 1 January 2018

How will this affect you?

Best that you check with your agency or client to see if timesheet deadlines or pay dates will change over the holiday period.  Keep in mind, many company payroll offices close over the holiday period.


If your timesheet(s) are due on these public holidays, we suggest you submit your approved timesheets the day before, or immediately following the public holiday, if you don’t hear otherwise.

Pay Transfers

We’ll be reconciling and releasing all funds received prior to the Christmas public holidays on Friday 22 December and Friday 29 December, for overnight release.

Please note: The next date payments will be processed on the business day immediately following the public holidays. So best you get your timesheets in prior to the public holidays, if possible.

To recap, we will not be conducting pay runs on the public holidays as outlined above.

IMPORTANT – If you currently have a novated lease, please remember to notify us, via, of your holidays so we can ensure that your lease balance is in order during this period.

If you have any questions please contact our Client Solutions team on 1300 724 082 or

And most importantly, have a safe and fun holiday season. 


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New Contractor Benefit: Corporate Traveller & Travel Club

CXC Global has spawned an exciting new partnership with business travel specialists, Corporate Traveller.

Open to all Australian and New Zealand CXC Global contractors, Corporate Traveller gives you access to benefits such as cost savings through discounts on airfares, accommodation and car hire plus online booking and a handy mobile app.

PLUS you’ll have access to Travel Club; giving you access to amazing travel benefits such as handpicked exclusive deals, 10% off travel insurance, discounted airline lounge memberships, and no service fees – plus your own leisure travel expert dedicated to customising your dream holiday.

Next Step: We encourage you all to register on the Corporate Traveller Portal and Travel Club Portal today (some really simple instructions can be found here).

Keeping the money in the family 

Prashant Lal, an employee of OFX, moved to Australia for work in September 2014, bringing with him his partner, Manisha.

Originally from Fiji, Prashant moved to Wellington, New Zealand at age 13 where he lived for 12 years. In September 2014, Prashant was offered a position with OFX in Sydney and he and Manisha decided to make the move.

Having never been to Australia, Prashant was at first concerned about how to transfer money to start setting up his new life here. Even though he was able to set up an Australian bank account with his current bank, bank transfer fees between the two accounts remained high.

Supporting family back home

Impressed with the savings he was making, Prashant began making regular transfers back to New Zealand to help support both his parents living in Wellington.

“Having lived with and near my immediate family my whole life, it was a big step to move away from them to Sydney so I decided to send money back regularly in order to continue supporting them. My wife and I also send a monthly amount back to her parents, sister and nephew which goes towards paying for utilities.”

“We also own two properties in Wellington, which we are renting out. We use OFX to top up the respective mortgages and hope to have fully paid them off by 2025.”

A proudly recommended service

“When I set everything up I obviously compared the savings between my bank and OFX and sporadically continue to do so, but OFX always comes out best. I have so far transferred about $28,600 since September 2014 and I’ve made an estimated saving of $1,000. I proudly recommend the OFX service to any friends and family who are either travelling or relocating overseas, and continue to be impressed by the savings I make.”

The OFX story

OFX is the modern way for today’s global citizens and global businesses to make payments and send money to more than 190 countries. As an international payment platform, we offer 24/7 trading and customer support – all while offering better-than-bank exchange rates. Our strict adherence to security and focus on unmatched customer service make OFX a convenient, secure and transparent way to send money overseas.

OFX has been providing many CXC Gobal contractors a cost effective, secure and transparent way to send money overseas. They take the hassle out of global money transfers all the while giving you better-than-the-bank rates.

As a CXC contractor you can enjoy:

  • $0 Transfer fees *Minimum amount $250AUD or equivalent currency.
  • Highly competitive foreign exchange rates across 55 currencies.
  • Customer service & online access 24/7.

Register here and quote “CXC” to receive unlimited fee free transfers.


Australia Day CXC Global office closure

Friday 26 January 2018 is Australia Day and a result our offices will be closed on this public holiday.

How will this affect you?

Best that you check with your agency or client to see if timesheet deadlines or pay dates will change because of this public holiday.


If your timesheet(s) are due on Friday 26 January, we suggest you submit your approved timesheets be submitted beforehand on Thursday 25 January or immediately following the public holiday on Monday 29 January, if you don’t hear otherwise.

Pay Transfers

We’ll be reconciling and releasing all funds received prior to the public holiday on Thursday 25 January, for overnight release.

Please note: The next date payments will be processed will be on Monday 29 January. So best you get your timesheets in prior to the public holiday, if possible.

If you have any questions please contact our Contractor Care team on 1300 724 082 or

So in summary…don’t forget to make arrangements to accommodate your timesheet & pay cycle that could be affected by the Australia Day closure.


Technology, Disruption and Australia’s Contingent Workforce

Technology was a hot topic at last month’s Contingent Workforce Conference . We heard insights from a panel of tech start-up entrepreneurs. As well as the always insightful futurist, and advisor to the industry, Kevin Wheeler, around the impact of technology, automation and the resultant disruption the industry is experiencing.

Download our eBook to gain an insight into the best findings from these experts. After all, what’s more important than the future Australia’s workforce?



That’s a wrap for the December CXC Global Contractor Newsletter. Let us know if there is anything you would like us to cover in the next edition. We’d love to hear from you.

And don’t forget, if you need to get in touch with us for any service or pay related matter our Customer Service team is more than happy to help.

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