Contractor Newsletter | February 2018

Labour Day Public Holiday for WA and Vic

Labour Day commemorates the eight hour day movement, which advocated eight hours for work, eight hours for recreation, and eight hours for rest…because the 8-hour day was achieved in each state on different dates, Labour Day is celebrate at different times across Australia.

Both Western Australia and Victoria commemorate Labour Day in March; 5 March and 12 March respectively.

For contractors in WA and Vic, best that you check with your agency or client to see if timesheet deadlines or pay dates will change because of the public holiday in your state.

Pay runs will proceed as normal. So, if you are due to be paid on the public holiday, you can expect funds in your account as usual.

If you have any questions please contact our Client Solutions team on 1300 724 082 or


Easter closures – just around the corner

Despite it feeling like Christmas just happened, it’s time to start planning for the Easter break. Easter falls in later March to early April this year and it’s important that you are aware of any adjusted timesheet deadlines or pay date changes your client or agency may be making.

Our offices will be closed for both Good Friday, 30 March and Easter Monday, 2 April.


If your timesheet(s) are due on Friday 30 March or Monday 2 April, we suggest you submit your approved timesheets beforehand on Thursday 29 March or immediately following the public holidays on Tuesday 3 April, if you don’t hear otherwise.

Pay Transfers

We’ll be reconciling and releasing all funds received prior to the Easter break on Thursday 29 March, for overnight release.

Please note: Following Easter the next date payments processed will be on Tuesday 3 April. So best you get your timesheets in prior to Good Friday, if possible.

If you have any questions please contact our Client Solutions team on 1300 724 082 or

So in summary…best that you check with your agency or client to see if timesheet deadlines or pay dates will change because to accommodate these public holidays.


It’s 2018: You’re probably due for a makeover…


Organisations, hiring managers, agencies, MSPs – they’re all looking for fresh, keen, hungry  talent. It’s a new year, and they need a new you. So…. let’s upgrade YOU to your latest version: V#1 2018.

Where to start, you ask? Well, we’ve got you covered. Check out all the must-do’s for your BEST CV, to land you the BEST gigs this year. And keep in mind… you need to amplify your YOU brand beyond the CV. Think Twitter, LinkedIn – social proof – and plenty more… read on…Oh and… you’re welcome!





New Contractor Benefit: Corporate Traveller & Travel Club

CXC Global has spawned an exciting new partnership with business travel specialists, Corporate Traveller.

Open to all Australian and New Zealand CXC Global contractors, Corporate Traveller gives you access to benefits such as cost savings through discounts on airfares, accommodation and car hire plus online booking and a handy mobile app.

PLUS you’ll have access to Travel Club; giving you access to amazing travel benefits such as handpicked exclusive deals, 10% off travel insurance, discounted airline lounge memberships, and no service fees – plus your own leisure travel expert dedicated to customising your dream holiday.

Next Step: We encourage you all to register on the Corporate Traveller Portal and Travel Club Portal today (some really simple instructions can be found here).



LinkedIn’s Most Wanted LinkedIn

The most in-demand skills of 2018 are out, and one thing’s for sure, there’s certainly a trend in place. These are the skills LinkedIn are reporting to be most sought after by organisations, as we get into 2018. So if you’ve got the experience or education – even partially – related to these skills, you need to update your LinkedIn profile pronto. Take a look…





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Sending Money Overseas?

When it comes to moving overseas, you need someone who understands the needs of an expat. Whether you’re paying for immigration fees or investing in properties abroad, OFX is the smart way to send money while saving up to 75% compared to the cost of using your bank.*

Moving your money around the world shouldn’t cost the earth.
Our exchange rates are simply better than the banks’. Why pay a hefty margin when you don’t have to?

Think of it this way: if you were to buy an investment property overseas, switching to OFX might just pay for the kitchen upgrade. Sounds good right?

Currency strategy makes a world of difference.
With us, you can retain more control over your money by locking in a great exchange rate for up to one year. Currencies can be unpredictable, so we’re here to help you keep more of your cash.

Do your money a world of good.
Our international network of 115 bank accounts means we can process transfers on a local level, so often your money arrives faster. It also means we stay open during times of heavy volatility like Brexit, so you can move your money when you want to.

Our customer service is out of this world.
We’re smaller than the big banks, so we work harder for your business. We have to. Our dedicated dealers are ready to assist with your transfer 24/7. Now the only question is: why on earth would you use your bank?

Register here and quote “CXC” to receive unlimited fee free transfers.



That’s a wrap for the February CXC Global Contractor Newsletter. Let us know if there is anything you would like us to cover in the next edition. We’d love to hear from you.

And don’t forget, if you need to get in touch with us for any service or pay related matter our Customer Service team is more than happy to help.

The team at CXC Global