Contractor Newsletter | October 2017

Are you on top off your 2016-17 tax return?

With 31 October 2017 just around the corner we wanted to take this opportunity to remind you to begin preparing your income tax return for last financial year.

While this deadline may not be relevant for everyone we do encourage you to lodge your returns as soon after the financial year as possible.

With CXC Financial Partners you can kick off the process easily and quickly by completing the online tax form here.

Once your form is submitted the team will draft your tax return. We’ll then have one of our Chartered Accountants get in touch to discuss how we can maximise your return before lodgement.

If you’d like further information or if we can help you in any way please contact the team at CXC Financial Partners at on 1300 925 081.


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Sending funds overseas? Save on your next transfer with OFX.

CXC Global has partnered with OFX to provide our contractors a more convenient, secure and transparent way to send money overseas. OFX are the only international payment platform to offer 24/7 trading and customer support – all while offering better-than-bank exchange rates.

CXC Global Benefits include:

  • Competitive foreign exchange rates across 55 currencies
  • Customer service & online access 24/7
  • Exchange rate certainty with their risk management tools
  • Access to daily and weekly market commentary

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casual workers fair work commission

Fair Work Commission Conversion Ruling: is it REALLY a Better Deal for Casual Workers?

On July 5 this year, the Fair Work Commission (FWC), delivered a new ruling whereby, subject to various restrictions, casual workers across an additional 85 awards (heavily based in retail & hospitality), are able to request work status conversion to full-time or part-time, after 12 months.

This is part of the FWC’s four-yearly review of modern awards.

Unions saw this as a win: the potential for greater job security for its members, and addressing what has become known as the ‘casualisation’ of the Australian workforce.

Read on….


Australia’s Wage Growth Problem: What’s Going On?

Wage growth remains lackluster in Australia, sitting at a 20 year low according to new ABS figures out this week.

What the numbers reveal, is a measly 0.5% growth for the June quarter, and 1.9% for the year. As you’d expect, this is placing increasing pressure on household budgets – wages are simply not holding up with cost of living increases.

A contributing factor for low wage growth, according to the ABS’s chief economist Bruce Hockman, is underemployment: there’s surplus capacity in the labour market which is key to keeping wage growth down.


Technology, Disruption and Australia’s Contingent Workforce

Technology was a hot topic at last month’s Contingent Workforce Conference . We heard insights from a panel of tech start-up entrepreneurs. As well as the always insightful futurist, and advisor to the industry, Kevin Wheeler, around the impact of technology, automation and the resultant disruption the industry is experiencing.

Download our eBook to gain an insight into the best findings from these experts. After all, what’s more important than the future Australia’s workforce?



That’s a wrap for the October CXC Global Contractor Newsletter. Let us know if there is anything you would like us to cover in the next edition. We’d love to hear from you.

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