CXC Global sponsors face-to-face networking with Red Chair Networking!

CXC Global along with Red Chair Networking are happy to offer free networking events to our contractors for a limited time.

On Monday 9 November 2015, CXC Global sponsored a face-to-face networking event held by Red Chair Networking. At the event Cameron Strathdee Change Manager, Procurement for Australia Post shared stories from a Requisition to Pay (R2P) implementation spanning multiple pieces of software and rigorous compliance tasks in a large organisation with change challenges.

Cameron shared the strategy and the plan along with the good and bad decisions. Towards the end Cameron eluded that a project to optimise services orders is under way. To see the presentation and to connect with Cameron see the network meeting details here.

CXC Global representative at the event, Russel Dennis said: “It was a great to see Cameron and learn a little about his world. I have found that I always get something out of a Red Chair Networking event. Plus it’s a great way to connect face to face with like-minded professionals.”.

As a contractor it is up to you to secure the next job. But when do you actively start looking? Some will start when one role ends other’s will start a couple of months before and the smart will continuously network to secure continuity.

Robert Bruhn founder and owner of Red Chair Networking says: “As a contractor during a 6 year period I had 10 contracts. 2 contracts were through recruiters and the remaining 8 contracts were through my network. I would regularly attend events and network to secure a period of 6 years continuous work.”

To tap into this hidden job market your network is important. Start networking now or continue to grow your network with Red Chair Networking and CXC Global’s limited offer.

Two easy steps to start networking:

First, sign up for free as an associate here.

You can use the LinkedIn button or just enter a few details.

Second use the promotional code “cxc global free ticket” on any or all meeting found in the program section.

This offer is for unlimited number of networking bought before end of February 2016.


Remember, It’s not who you know, it’s who knows you!