Contingent Workforce Salary Benchmark Report

Even though contractors make up a third of most organisations’ workforce, there’s a significant knowledge gap in the market around how much they are paid.

In today’s war for talent, it’s essential for companies to fully understand the external factors that shape contractor pay.

CXC has released our Contingent Workforce Salary Benchmarking Report, analysing rates across our entire contractor base. With this salary benchmarking report, you now have the opportunity to assess how your contractors are paid against the market: as well as the factors that have contributed to shaping contractors’ pay over the last few years.

Contractor salary benchmark reportOur report will help you understand variations in contractor rates by:

  • Gender
  • Age
  • Location
  • Role type, focusing on information technology.

We compare and contrast these statistics with external research and trends we’re seeing for permanent workers.

To our knowledge, this analysis is the first of its kind in terms of scale and depth of insight. Complete the form below to download our report today and ensure your contingent workforce remains at the forefront of this changing world of work.