2022 Release | Contingent Workforce Salary Benchmark Report

Introducing the second edition of the contingent workforce salary benchmark report: the most extensive overview of contractor rates in Australia.

2021 was an era marked by a continued global pandemic, border shutdowns and vaccine mandates. The great remote working experiment forced many companies to rapidly evolve and deploy their prototype technology solutions.

In the midst of all this, the most significant changes to The Fair Work Act since its inception was made into law. For the first time ever, contractors were given a definition and a clear path for engagement, renewing business confidence in this segment.

Now that the path to developing and capitalising on a contractor workforce has been made clear, it’s more important than ever to fully understand this emerging segment. Data, analytics and insights will ensure you make informed decisions. Rather than simply keeping up with the market, we want you to adapt, grow and thrive in this tumultuous world of work.

Download our report to see:

  • Pay disparity between genders.
  • Mass resignations across workplaces.
  • Demand for flexible working arrangements.
  • The movement of international contractors in a truly global workforce.

Throughout this report we shine a spotlight on project management, the most important area for all businesses as we seek to restart post COVID.

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