eBook: COVID-19 and the long-term impact on the contingent workforce

Covid-19 impact on workThe coronavirus pandemic has changed the workforce dynamic overnight. Never before have organisations had to go through such a period of forced evolution.

With employers having to suddenly institute mass remote working, introduce new ways of collaboration and reassessing their ways of engaging workers, it’s fair to say that the change has been dramatic, acute and virtually instant.

That’s the immediate transformation of working, but what about five years, ten years, twenty years down the track?

Complete the form below to download our new eBook, COVID-19 AND THE LONG-TERM IMPACT ON THE CONTINGENT WORKFORCE, and dive into this topic, to examine how the world of work has potentially irreversibly changed. The eBook covers:

  • The need for scalability across industries
  • Impacts on the supply chain
  • The shift in standard workforce practices
  • How to enhance engagement and collaboration
  • The renewed push for contingent workers
  • The focus for worker skills, as opposed to roles.

In a few years, the immediate threat of COVID-19 will have passed. Will your organisation return to normal, or embrace change?