The Workforce Risk Report – Dec 2020

The coronavirus pandemic has raised serious compliance issues for organisations across all industries, especially concerning the contingent workforce.

Australia’s contractor population grew by 43% over the last year, with legislation and regulation moving at lightning speed to catch up. Despite these laws being in constant flux, employers are expected to maintain complete compliance lest they fall prey to significant penalties.

Every quarter, our expert risk and compliance team put together an overview of new, significant or complex risks emerging from recent or ongoing court cases and laws.

Workforce Risk Report December 2020This report, covering January to March 2021, takes an in-depth look at:

  • Double dipping
  • Labour hire licensing
  • Collective bargaining rights
  • Wage theft
  • The cost of insurance

It’s not enough to wait until the dust settles on contingent worker law. Workforce leaders need to continually keep themselves ahead of the curve to ensure their program is operating compliantly and effectively.

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