The Workforce Risk Report – Q3 2021 | CXC Australasia

Our latest workforce risk report comes off the back of the Fair Work Amendment Bill 2020, the biggest change to the definition of casual working arrangements in the last 10 years.

While these changes give more certainty to employers who hire contractors, they also create a significant administrative burden, relating to updating contracts and casual conversion.

CXC has seven dedicated risk and compliance specialists who closely monitor these changes and provide updates to employers through this report. Download The Workforce Risk Report to understand:

  • Casual conversion changes, and what you need to do to remain compliant.
  • Updates on two high court cases that could further complicate casual legislation.
  • Whether mandatory vaccinations are likely to become commonplace.
  • Other updates, including the ACT labour hire licensing scheme, payroll tax surcharges, a new sexual harassment bill and more.

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