The Workforce Risk Report – Q3 2022 | CXC Australasia

The Jobs and Skills Summit, held in September, was the first step in combatting talent shortages, wage stagnation and contractual confusion. Bringing together employers and unions, the summit was intended to achieve mutual benefit through collaboration.

Whether they succeeded or not remains to be seen; however, the government now has a roadmap for the near future in overhauling employee relations.

In our latest workforce risk report, we dive into some of the most significant changes potentially on their way. These include changes to:

  • The immigration and visa process.
  • Multi-employer bargaining
  • The Better Off Overall Test
  • Protections for sexual harassment at work.
  • Domestic violence leave.

Although immediate changes are some way off, employers who proactively understand and implement measures will be far more prepared in this competitive environment.

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