From the horse’s mouth: Job Seekers prefer #DirectRecruitment

More & more, candidates are in the driver’s seat when it comes to recruitment. And with increasing numbers of the workforce opting for contract-style careers, their reliance on the once industry staple – recruitment firms – is quickly declining. Doesn’t help that recruitment firms are STILL ranking poorly on customer (read: candidate) care.

Check out these very recent statistics on what candidates do & don’t value & respond to, in the recruitment process.

 avenues candidates are using to find their employers
1. Job boards
2. Referrals
3. Company website

ONLY 24%
of candidates are likely to contact a recruitment agency when searching for work

 of candidates rated the recruitment process positively when they were recruited directly through the company

of candidates FAILED to rate the recruitment process positively when they went through a recruitment agency

So, why did the recruitment industry rate poorly with over a quarter of candidates?
It seems the answer lies with  poor communication.
Considering the top 4 candidate frustrations, this should come as no surprise…
#1 A slow response to their application
#2 No response to their application
#3 Complicated or lengthy application processes
#4 A lack of feedback as to why they were unsuccessful

Other Reasons to Consider #DirectRecruitment…

Reduce reliance on agencies…
…low service standards, lack of attention to business requirements, mismatch of company culture or unmet time frames

Create a nurtured talent pool

A stagnant database of candidates is far from a engaged talent pool. An internal recruitment arm can nurture a talent pool with relevant content, keeping them engaged

Enhance your brand

Direct recruitment gives you a platform for consistent, on-brand candidate messaging through the recruitment journey

Gain greater control…

…of the recruitment process; from crafting the position description through to the way you deliver a job offer