Global Hiring: How the Global Skills Market Can Power Your Business…

Global hiring – or hiring without the constraints of international borders – offers enormous opportunity for your business.

Not only can you access a more diverse workforce, but the level of skills and market expertise which you have access to, is almost limitless.

And, at a time when global travel restrictions remain tenuous thanks to COVID, the ‘new normal’ of the remote workforce, means your talent pool just got a whole lot bigger. The pandemic has actually played to your global hiring advantage in this regard.

Your business attains multiple advantages when you shift your hiring perspectives to a global lens. So today, I’ll demonstrate these advantages and how you can optimise them.

Global hire and services

Global Talent and Technology

The wealth of technology available today supports global hiring across every aspect of talent engagement and output. Consider these technologies:

  • Video Conferencing Software: Zoom, Teams, in 2020 businesses spent more on video conferencing software, than any other software category
  • Project Management Software: Trello, Asana, Basecamp – the list goes on. Project Management has been revolutionised in recent years through these and many other PM tools. Their advancement places global hiring as a real opportunity for companies of any size, due to the many efficiency and productivity gains to be had
  • File Storing and Sharing Services: Dropbox, Box, OneDrive – there are many more. Having highly organised file management, storing and sharing protocols allows for workers anywhere in the world, to easily access documents instantly
  • Document Collaboration Tools: Slack, Zoho Docs,, Confluence – plus numerous others. Collaboration of team members across multiple locations and time zones requires critical elements such as offering feedback, editing, version control, history of revisions, amongst others
  • Instant Messaging: Microsoft Teams, Slack, Podium, Chatter – they’re all faster than email, and more efficient than text. The direct, immediate nature of IM, fostering online conversations between colleagues, is not only great for productivity but also for fostering inter-company dialogue and engagement

Global Hiring Means Global Skills

Your business reaps a competitive edge when you have access to the best talent anywhere in the world!

Imagine this… your latest project needs to appoint a highly talented professional, with hard-to-find skills. Sourcing this talent locally, proves to be almost impossible. Then suddenly, by casting your hiring net globally, you have an actual choice of skilled individuals to consider.

Global hiring can be a complete game-changer for your business.

global hire & services

Your Talent Advantage

Global hiring enables you to access a competitive edge. If you understand the culture, rules and regulations of workers in different jurisdictions, you’ll be a step ahead of your competitors. Many companies see this as too herculean a task to undertake.

It’s not.

There are workforce agents, IR lawyers and talent engagement companies to assist in navigating the rules and cultural sensitivities. (Shameless plug: in fact, CXC can help you with global talent too!).

Flexible Hiring

No matter what type of worker engagement you’re considering – permanent, temporary, specialist, project – by adopting a global hiring practice, you’ll be in a position to pick the right worker for your needs, quickly and fittingly.

Drawing from the largest talent reservoir and being flexible in your hiring approach, expands the potential for you to attain the best talent available. Right now.

global hiring

And finally…

Global hiring does have its challenges. Legal restrictions, compliance issues and insurance laws as well as cultural factors – it can feel complicated. But these challenges can be overcome with the right international talent partner. The challenges of keeping global workers motivated are overcome by innovative collaboration and communications tools, tracking systems and employee portals. It really is an exciting time to be hiring.

If you would like to discuss global hiring for your business, you can reach me here. I look forward to speaking with you soon.