State By State: Labour Hire Licensing Laws, A Comparison

Labour hire licensing is a hot topic in Australia right now. And we’ve had a lot of questions raised amongst our clients & peers, as these state-based laws represent a drastic change for affected individuals and organisations. And like anything legislative… a lack of knowledge is no defence for non-compliance.

So…. read on.

Queensland, South Australia and Victoria have all passed labour hire licensing legislation, and are enacting strategies to get these laws in place.

It’s a positive change for workers, particularly those in vulnerable industries – like horticulture, meat, cleaning – but also beyond these sectors. You see, the laws have taken on a broader remit to protect ALL workers involved in ANY type of labour hire transaction.

However, there are differences in each of the State’s interpretation & application of these laws. Which, if you’re a national labour hire business or you utilise labour hire services nationally – or in fact, if you outsource or engage workers from a third party – you’ll need to be across the differences in the law, both nuanced and significant.

Is your head hurting? Ours too…

So we sourced this incredibly helpful comparison table, of the laws in each state. Thanks to law firm Corrs Chambers Westgarth you can quickly and easily review the stipulations and differences in the laws, across Queensland, South Australia and Victoria.

The chart covers:

  • Relevant dates and timeframes
  • How to apply for a licence, and criteria to obtain a licence
  • What the laws cover (and a comparison, state-by-state)
  • Exemptions
  • Prohibitions – for both users and providers
  • Relevant conditions & interpretations
  • Reporting and other obligations
  • Geographical reach
  • … admin and other important facts

Download the comparison here, and keep it nearby especially in these early days.

Also, if you need more info on labour hire licensing from each of the State governments, we’ve provided the links below:

For South Australian labour hire licensing information, click here.

For Victorian labour hire licensing information, click here.

For Queensland labour hire licensing information, click here.


And finally, please do contact us if you have any feedback or comments.