LinkedIn’s latest report on emerging job trends for 2020

LinkedIn has released its Emerging Jobs Report for 2020 that includes the positions in most demand, according to their analysis. It’s the third year LinkedIn have released the list of the top 15 emerging jobs for the new year. As you will see, most of the roles are related to the tech-industry and require a skillset of machine learning, data science, and deep learning.

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We have reviewed the list and provided a synopsis below into the key functions of each.

The commonalities across most of these jobs are twofold: they’re heavily tech focused. And they are frequently roles we see as contingent or non-employee; those experts that organisations bring in on a project basis to achieve highly specialist requirements. Take note for your 2020 workforce.

Emerging Job #1: AI Specialist

A critical job for the new decade, ripe for a multitude of industries. Key functions include:

  • Programming machines to learn
  • Building capacity for machines to respond to their environment
  • Autonomous performance of functions by machines
  • Examples include chatbots, SIRI and Alexa, predictive analytics, spam filters, smart assistants
Emerging Job #2: Cybersecurity Specialist

Our overly digitised world calls for increasingly slick security measures. Data protection, hardware and software security is more critical than ever, for the safe operations of organisations in 2020. Key functions of this role include:

  • Securing information systems from cyber crime
  • Development, implementation and monitoring of security programs
  • Establishes information protocols to protect the usability, reliability, integrity and safety of company networks
  • Monitors and detects threats
Emerging Job #3: Site Reliability Engineer

Site Reliability Engineering (SRE) is a discipline that incorporates aspects of software engineering and applies them to infrastructure and operations problems. The main goals are to create scalable and reliable software systems. Other facts include:

  • Identifies opportunities for automation
  • Most commonly held by operations team member
Emerging Job #4: Marketing Automation Specialist

The unique combination of digital prowess and creativity. The MAS applies traditional marketing knowledge and expertise to digital technology. Key functions of the role include:

  • Build and execute marketing campaigns across multiple platforms
  • Generate, report on and analyse campaign analytics
  • Segment, analyse and build relevant campaigns to prospect database
  • Well versed in web applications, social media, marketing software (such as Hubspot, Marketo, Marketing Cloud)
Emerging Job #5: Customer Success Specialist

Kind of like the opposite of managing customer complaints, these specialists work with clients to ensure their success, in the utilisation of the company’s service or product offering. Key functions of the role include:

  • Learning about and helping to meet specific customer needs
  • Addressing and managing customer issues or challenges
  • The focus is on achieving success for the client, not increasing the client’s investment
  • The plain-speaking conduit between your business and your customers. Helping to provide a smooth – and successful – customer experience
Emerging Job #6: Data Scientist

A computer scientist and a mathematician. Analytical data experts with the technical skills to solve complex problems. Key functions of this role include:

  • Being highly adept at spotting trends
  • Analyse and interpret complex digital data, such as the usage statistics of a website, especially in order to assist business decision-making
  • Processing and cleansing data and verifying its integrity for use in business analysis
  • Extending company data with third party information sources
Emerging Job #7: Robotics Engineer (Software)

Robotics engineers are responsible for building and deploying software known as ‘Robots Process Automation’. The key functions of this job include:

  • Software development for robot manipulation and control
  • Working on an embedded system that controls automated equipment
  • They utilise computer-aided design and drafting (CADD) and computer-aided manufacturing (CAM) systems to perform the job
  • Calibrate scientific or technical equipment; install, operate and maintain robots
Emerging Job #8: Data Engineer

Ensure that all systems meet the business/company requirements as well as industry practices. Key functions include:

  • Build high-performance algorithms, predictive models, and prototypes to enable better technology and business performance
  • Design, construct, install, test and maintain data management systems.
  • Integrate up-and-coming data management and software engineering technologies into existing data structures
  • Employ an array of technological languages and tools to connect systems together
Emerging Job #9: Chief Strategy Officer

Overriding responsibility is to develop business strategies that deliver consistent growth across the business. Key functions of the role include:

  • Typically reports to the CEO or CFO, and is a member of the company’s C-Suite team
  • Ensures the workforce is across the future goals and strategies; is a sound communicator
  • Develops short-term and long-term strategic initiatives for the growth and prosperity of the organisation
  • Guides the organisation through strategic business planning processes
Emerging Job #10: Growth Manager

The Growth Manager deploys often sophisticated growth hacking techniques to attract more buyers or users to an organisation. Key functions of the role include:

  • Develops and executes a plan to help the business acquire and retain customers, as well as upsell products or services
  • Analyses data from customers and internal departments for improved performance decision-making
  • Development and execution of the business-wide growth management strategic plan
  • An excellent problem-solver, communicator and business leader
Emerging Job #11: Full Stack Engineer

Combines the skills of front-end web development and software development. Typically responsible for running tech stack project from start to finish. Other functions of this role include:

  • A full stack engineer can handle all the work of databases, servers, systems engineering, and clients. Depending on the project, the customer need may be a mobile stack, a Web stack, or a native application stack
  • The Full Stack Engineer manages front-end development (the visible component of a website or app) and the back-end development (the ‘under the hood’ databases and infrastructure)
  • They are typically familiar with HTML, CSS, JavaScript, and one or more back end languages
  • Increasingly are called upon to have Project Management skills, visual design and web design skills as well as UX expertise
Emerging Job #12: Anti-Money Laundering Specialist

Experts in regulation. Responsible for spotting potential money-laundering activities and stops them. Other functions of the job include:

  • Identify, monitor and document suspicious transactions
  • Works with internal Compliance department and external regulatory bodies to report questionable financial activity
  • Maintain understanding of money laundering laws and issues related to white collar, terrorist and criminal organisation financing trends
Emerging Job #13: Automation Consultant

Introduces software and digital processes into organisations for greater efficiency. Typically the job involves:

  • Responsible for executing engineering projects including automation, manufacturing processes, related systems and process improvement
  • Prepare specifications, operations and maintenance manuals for customers
  • Focused on client satisfaction and repeat business; has the ability to interface directly with clients.
Emerging Job #14: Product Owner

An IT professional that oversees every stage of a project’s development and is responsible for the value of the products created. The role combines market analyst, project management, product designer and business strategist. Responsibilities include:

  • They’re the point person on the product development team, using high-level perspective to define goals and create a vision for development of projects
  • Managing the development team’s product backlog and ongoing to-do’s, and evaluating product progression
  • Prioritise the organisation’s needs with respect of new product growth or existing product refinement
  • Has a sound understanding of client needs, and delivers on products to meet these
Emerging Job #15: Service Designer

Develops quality experiences as part of the delivery of customer focussed products and services. Typical functions of the role include:

  • Creating customer journey maps and service blueprints to visualise and demonstrate the customers’ experience
  • Adept at delivering on sound design principles and processes
  • Often required to have expertise in an agile/scrum technology environment
  • Called upon to identify, frame and challenge design problems, collaborating with the business, experts and customers to identify evidence-based opportunities that improve customer experience and deliver business value

In summary…Robotics, AI, project management and customer-centricity appear to be the focus for the new decade.

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