OZFOREX Launches Multi-Currency, Global Mobile Payment App

Richard Kimber (CEO OzForex Group)

The payments process has matured from one conducted almost exclusively in a bricks-and-mortar environment to one that can be conducted from virtually any location at any time. Not that long ago, the notion of buying books, apparel, or food online seemed like science fiction. Today, that way of transacting has not only become fundamental to our buying behaviour, but now we’re using our phones as much or even more than computers to make those same purchases.

Forex Money Transfer was born out of that same integration mind-set – a currency transfer app for people who embrace the latest tech advances and want to conduct transactions on their own terms, on their own time, and from whatever location they choose.

In launching Forex Money Transfer, we’re seizing on the massive shift to mobile for the consumption of financial services. It’s a significant, new transaction channel for our current and future customers and offers additional scale to our business. Globally, mobile accounts for around 17% of all new registrations – with the launch of the app, we expect this figure to grow substantially

  • According to IDC, a market research firm, purchase volume over mobile devices will exceed $1 trillion worldwide by 2017. * “Worldwide Mobile Payments 2012-2017 Forecast”, IDC, McPherson, Hand and Stofega, 2012: http://www.idc.com/getdoc.jsp?containerId=FIN237814

OzForex effortlessly integrates international payments into people’s lives. Intuitive, Easy, complete control, secure.

It’s the first money transfer app to have global, 24-hour customer support and live rate alerts for over 48 currencies. It gives users complete control over the payment process, including international transfers and repeat payments, tracking current payments and reviewing past transactions. It also serves as an information platform where users can check market exchange rates, view currency charts, set rate alerts, and read daily market commentaries.

The app is available for Android &  Apple phones, it can be downloaded from any app store direct to your phone.

For more information visit: https://au.ofx.com/registration?pid=76

Remember when registering to mention CXC Global to gain access to preferential rates and 2 fee free transfers.