Payroll Solutions for Recruitment Agencies | Why Compliance Is Important.

CXC is Australia’s leading provider of contractor management solutions. We help contractors, employers and recruitment agencies optimise their work life by providing end-to-end outsourcing and management services.

We have developed agency relationships over more than 30 years, with our initial offering managing and payrolling the independent contractors of recruitment suppliers. CXC takes on the engagement, management and care of your contractors, so you can stay focused on what you do best: sourcing and placing great talent for your clients. You still ‘own’ the contractors, we just manage them.

Our services for your contractors

When you outsource your contractors to us, we provide a streamlined management portal, for you and your contractors, covering reporting, timesheets, payroll, KPI tracking, placement details, and more. We manage your contractor’s insurance, tax, payroll and administration resulting in cost-savings across the board for you.

As your contract talent partner, we’ll take care of all insurances, taxation and statutory laws and the employment profile of all your contractors. Additionally, with a 30-year track record of providing contractor benefits and advice – such as financial, wealth management and tax minimisation – your contractors are happier and more engaged, while being more loyal to you.

Under this model, agencies remain responsible for:

  • Candidate sourcing.
  • Interviewing and shortlisting.
  • Verbal offer.

While CXC takes over:

  • Pre-employment screening.
  • Contract management.
  • Timesheeting and payment.
  • Ongoing management, issue escalation, expense management.

Reduce your contractor administration

Under CXC’s model, recruitment agencies will have reduced administration through the removal of the following responsibilities:

  • Contractor engagement management – All contractor engagement documentation and contracts are issued and managed by CXC.
  • Timesheet and expense management – All approval of timesheets and expenses is managed by a central system, administered by CXC. All missing timesheets will also be managed by the CXC.
  • Day to day management of all contractors – The CXC will manage the day to day contractor issues including the management of WH&S and absenteeism.

The above enables recruiters to focus on core expertise and higher margin activity (i.e. candidate sourcing and matching client talent requirements).

Ensure compliance across your contractors

All engagement of contingent workers will be managed through CXC, ensuring the highest level of compliance including:

  • Right to work checks.
  • Licensing requirements of role.
  • Insurance and risk management.
  • Health and safety.
  • Provision and sign off on client policies and procedures.

All contingent workers will be covered through insurances under standardised insurance conditions and rates provided to the client, relieving this burden from the supplier.

Partnering with CXC under a contractor management outsourcing (CMO) model

CXC has been working with corporate clients, suppliers and contractors under a CMO model for over 10 years. This model is widely accepted by the local (and global) market and has been adopted by some leading organisations, such as Origin Energy, Macquarie Group, Deloitte Australia, Viva Energy, Rio Tinto, AECOM, NBN, Medibank, and News Corporation.

Our enterprise client solution encompasses all contingent workers being engaged, managed and payrolled by a single workforce management provider – CXC, with recruitment agencies receiving reduced administration regarding contractor management. All administration tasks related to onboarding, offboarding, reassignment, management and compliance will be managed centrally through our team.

CXC has worked with over 100 suppliers (including leading IT recruitment providers) within our existing client relationships who are all accustomed to working with a CMO arrangement.  As CXC Global are not a recruitment provider, there is minimal conflict of interest when it comes to transfer of candidates post placement to our management.  The agencies are free to maintain a relationship with the hiring managers and the contractors under this arrangement, the only change is that they no longer need to payroll and manage the contractor’s assignment specific to the client in question.

Many of our suppliers prefer this mode of working as it enables them to focus on what they do best – sourcing great candidates, and leave the administrative burden of payrolling and managing the contractors to CXC.

As one of the world’s leading providers of contingent worker management solutionsCXC is well positioned to optimise all elements of your contingent workforce strategy. With operations in more than 50 countries across five continents and decades of experience, we can assist with every aspect of your program.

If you are interested in discussing total talent solutions for your business and would like to find out more about how we can work together, please contact us.