This week, we learned about a payroll provider in Australia who has suspended operations. And we thought it was a prudent time to reiterate the critically important factors that go with managing the outsourced payroll of Australia’s companies – no matter what size or market position.

A history of adhering to strict compliance benchmarks, of always remaining abreast of the relevant workplace and tax legislation, and of never cutting corners in the management of our contractor’s pay schedule, provides assurance to contractors and the organisations that engage them. What goes with this, is the peace of mind that a long-standing, market-proven Australian company, is supporting other Australian companies.

25 years of knowing what Australian companies need to successfully engage contract talent. Helping them mitigate every possible risk. And a track record of proven performance, that underpins this knowledge.

Some of Australia’s biggest corporations rely on us to pay and manage their contractors, from ASX listed companies to major financial institutions and consulting businesses. That aside, we’re as adept at ensuring Australia’s SMB’s can also safely and securely engage contractors, without fear or exposure to associated risk.

We are the longest-serving, most successful contractor management provider in Australia. Our history and experience provide the peace of mind and confidence Australia’s corporates and contractors need to successfully work together.

Today, we’re reaching out to the contractors previously serviced by Plutus Payroll, who we know are experiencing stress due to non-payment of their entitled remuneration. We can transition you to our payroll services immediately, and can offer you a competitive, secure and advanced technology solution to help you get on with what you do best: deliver your skills, to your contracted organisation.

No matter what sector you work in – IT, Services, Engineering, Banking, Support, Finance, Accounting – we know there’s frustration and concern right now. So we urge you to get in touch with us today:

Michael Mostert:
0401 235 703

Apriall Goldie:
02 9009 2409