Resources Sector and Contingent Workers: Success at Work

In the resources sector and contingent workers, we’ve seen – and experienced first-hand – efficiencies, minimised risks and cost savings achieved by some of the globe’s leading companies in the industry.

Like every industry, the resources, mining and energy sector globally has suffered in 2020 thanks to COVID-19. Data from AustMine indicates a revenue loss of 73% across the global industry. But when the sector starts to recover, as sites open and projects recommence, the industry has a proven workforce solution to assist with the gradual return to operations – contingent workers.

The resources sector and contingent workforce engagement have been a proven strategy for some time. As companies manage the highs and lows of sector activity, contingent workforces have proven well suited for competitive resources companies. And as these workers are often engaged in large numbers, a strategic contingent workforce solution has, in our experience, proven to be incredibly successful.

Despite the perceived added administrative processes of short-term workers, the industry in Australia is uniquely suited to the use of a larger contingent labour force.

Today I’m going to show you two such success stories.

These are major Australian players in the sector that have, through partnering with us at CXC, enjoyed real workforce, operational and commercial success.

Success story #1

The first success story of the resources sector and contingent workers demonstrates how one of Australia’s leading energy companies went from a decentralised, unstructured contingent labour management approach, to a slick, streamlined, data-driven program. And saved significant time and money in the process.

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resources sector and contingent workers

Success story #2

The next success story of the resources sector and contingent workers covers a major risk mitigation solution.

This energy retailer encountered dramatic risk during floods in Queensland when they couldn’t locate, contact or account for all of their contingent labour. Poor record-keeping, and an unstructured management program meant visibility of many components of their contingent labour force was widespread. They turned this dangerous situation around, via an RPO and outsourcing the management of their contingent labour.

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resources sector and contingent workers


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