Six Trends Shaping the Contingent Workforce

six-innovations-shaping-the-future-of-work (5)


#1. TECHNOLOGY – the driving force

Improvements in technology have translated to speedier sourcing and on-boarding programs for contingent workers. More efficient processes have resulted in lower costs associated with engaging contingent workers, making this workforce a more appealing talent pool.

#2. MOBILITY – a global workforce

The ability to work from anywhere at any time has broken down geographical barriers and made the global workplace a reality. Advancements in mobility have opened up a new world of opportunities for contingent workers and employers alike.

#3. A JOB FOR LIFE – a thing of the past

Gone are the days when it was common practice for employees to give a life long committment to their employer in return for job security. Today, employers want felxibility to better respond to market demands and workers crave felxibility and a better work/life balance.

#4. A FAST PACED WORLD – the demand is great

With an intense demand for skills and to keep up with speedier innovation cycles, employers rely on an on-demand talent pool to scale up and down with ease and flexibility.

#5. A SOCIAL ENVIRONMENT – building a community

In addition to being a medium to self promote and find their next contract, social networks give contingent workers a place to collaborate, share, learn, gain feedback, connect and build their own networks.

#6. MATCH-MAKING – its all about quality control

Contingent workers are now being used to fill strategic roles. Choosing the right independent worker for the job has never been as important as it is now. New technology platforms and social networks allow employers to make better choices, improving efficiencies and reducing the risk for both themselves and the contingent workers they engage.


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