Darren – Contractor

“For the past two decades, I’ve been working across a wide range of roles in telecommunications, ecommerce and broadcast. Through my working history, I’ve never experienced such a flawless onboarding than I did through CXC.

My relationship with CXC started during my contracting role with Optus, where I am providing consultation on a number of technological improvements. Once Optus had provided me with dates and terms of my employment, I received a phone call from one of CXC’s relationship specialists, who advised me of the process that would follow over the coming days. They were extremely friendly and let me know I could reach out if I had any questions or concerns.

Later that day, I received a welcome email from CXC, advising of all the details of the engagement and how to enter the CXC portal. Then, CXC called me on the same day to personally walk me through what I needed to do regarding workers’ compensation to finalise the contract. I received my electronic agreement on the following day.

Additionally, CXC’s timesheeting and contractor portal is excellent. Not only does it send an email reminder to submit your timesheet when it gets close to the cut off period of that pay cycle, it is extremely easy to use and intuitive. I also appreciated the seamless confirmation emails from submitting timesheets and when the timesheets are approved.

The entire onboarding process was exceptional and gives me confidence in CXC’s ability to manage the rest of my engagement with Optus.”

Darren Kerry, CEO and Lead
Consultant at Future Company Consulting

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