Sarah – Contractor

“I will expand on my comments regarding my experience with CXC over the last 25 months.

  • CXC partnered with a progressive energy supplier and a retailer, this was beneficial to me as I wanted to work with a company that would explore new and untried boundaries within its company structure.
  • CXC has ability to capture relevant industry information like Super fund / financial information and disseminate to their contracted employees and companies.
  • Simplistic website that offers fast answers and information relevant to that category.
  • CXC offered invitations for in-house seminars across a broad spectrum of legal and financial subjects.
  • There were no excess emails or telephone conversations; all engagements were professionally conducted from the on-boarding to finale stage. Very systematic.
  • Payment scheme was best fit for my company.
  • All of my correspondence with CXC was professionally conducted and at no time did I feel that I had to ask the same question more than once, all information received was clear and concise. Very efficient.”

Sarah, Contractor

Energy Client

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