The Highest Paying Industries and Jobs in Australia: 2022 Update

The highest paying industries in Australia have been revealed. And the shift from only five years ago may surprise you.

The impact of COVID, the lowest unemployment rate in 48 years, a vast drop in immigration, inflation growth and wage stagnation … all these issues have converged over the past couple of years, to create a job market and economy, the likes of which we haven’t seen before.

Yet despite this, many job categories are experiencing significant wage growth. Employers, desperate to attract talent to fill vacancies – especially in high-demand industries – are throwing a broad array of incentives to find the right people.

Today, we’re taking a look at the better-paying jobs and the highest-paying industries in Australia.


Australia is ranked in the top 10 of the world’s best healthcare systems. And if the last two years have taught us anything, a robust healthcare system is more important to a nation’s economy, than anything. According to the ATO, Australia’s healthcare professionals are amongst the nation’s top earners. Here’s a snapshot of the salaries (these are average taxable incomes):

highest paying industries

Surgeons: $400k

Anaesthetists: $360k

Internal Medical Specialists: $300k

Psychiatrists: $210k

Other medical practitioners: $210k

ICT (Information, Communication, Technology)

ICT industries are booming, both here in Australia and across the globe. So ICT is firmly placed in the highest paying industries in Australia. And COVID has accelerated this growth, with sub-sectors booming like eCommerce. And given the rise of hybrid working over the past two years, the need for better connectivity, cloud services and technical infrastructure to support a dispersed workforce, has exploded. The average taxable salaries in the ICT space are provided below:

highest paying industries

ICT Systems Architect: $200k

ICT Manager: $190k

IT Security Architect: $170k

Enterprise Architecture Manager: $170K

Cloud Engineer: $165k

Engineering Managers: $145k

Financial Services:

This is a sector that has consistently ranked in the highest paying industries in Australia. All categories of jobs in accounting, finance and financial services continue to enjoy some of the highest salaries in the nation as well as strong wage growth. This industry is a staple for high earners. The average taxable salaries in financial services are:

highest paying jobs

Head of Treasury: $400k

Banking – State Manager: $300k

Chief Financial Officer: $280k

M&A Investment Bank Vice President: $260k

Investment Director Private Equity: $260k

Auditor: $170k

Financial Investment Advisor: $155k

Mining and Resources

The mining industry continues to offer some of the best salaries in the country. Despite the political landscape increasingly looking to renewables, we’re still drilling and exporting our natural resources in Australia. The average taxable salaries in the mining and resources sector are:

Open-cut Miners (above ground): $100-$200k

Haul Truck and Mine Machinery Operators: $85-$200k

Drillers: $85-$200k

Mine Site Electricians: $90-$180k

Exploration Geologist: $90-$200k

Geophysicist: $180-$200k

Mine Geologist: $120-$150k

Resource Geologist: $150-$180k

GIS Technician: $95-$100k

Chemical Engineer/Metallurgist: $160-$180k

Mining Engineer: $180k

highest paying jobs

Other Salaries and Industries

The additional salaries worth noting in Australia today are a broad mix of professions and skills. Here are the taxable salaries and jobs for other industries worth noting:

Industry Role Salary
Education Principal (non-Government School) $400k
Property and Construction Development Director $388k
Construction General Manager/Project Manager $350k
Corporate Operations $325k
Corporate Fund Manager/Investment Director $300k
Marketing & Digital Executive Director of Communications $300k
Human Resources Head of HR/HR Director $300k
Corporate Head of Compliance $277k
Engineering Project Manager $255k
Sales Sales Director $250k
Education Principal (Government School) $208k
Insurance Head of Claims $200k
Customer Service Contact Centre: Director of Customer Service $200k
Logistics Supply Chain Director $200


highest paying industries

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