Top Tech Talent: A Hiring Guide

Finding the best tech talent in today’s employment market is no easy feat.

As almost every industry is now reliant on skilled technology workers to operate efficiently and competitively, the market’s top tech talent is left with a multitude of choices when it comes to making employment decisions.

These choices include…

  • The types of projects to work on
  • Where they want to be located
  • Cultural aspects of their work environment
  • Engaging only with employers who offer personal and professional growth potential

… amongst other choices.

Companies looking for new tech talent can’t rely on old-school hiring methods such as waiting for applications to roll in.

They need to be proactive. And they need to be prepared to be evaluated to the same degree that they will be evaluating potential hires.

They need to offer generationally relevant value – such as growth potential, flexibility, genuine green initiatives, work/life balance, career change. Plus, more.

Today, we’ve taken the lead from companies both across the globe and here in Australia on the most effective methods for sourcing and securing top tech talent, for your business.

tech talent

Provide Challenging Work

Interesting problems to solve, that are technically challenging, are a known winner for securing quality tech talent. Providing the latest tools and technology to solve these problems, is also a must.

Professional Opportunity

Let’s assume that you’re on par with the market, regarding salary and benefits. So… what’s your point of difference for landing tech talent? Offering purposeful projects and opportunity for growth and development are powerful employment differentiators. An environment where workers can’t wait to get to work and get stuck in!

Tech Talent Seek Flexibility

Remote work. A ‘distributed workforce’. Work/life balance. These concepts are now considered a given after two years of COVID. Upwork expects almost 28% of professionals in the US to be permanently remote within the next five years. A ‘distributed workforce’ means there is no office. Which means no hierarchy. Which means a deeper focus on the work, and the culture. All these factors are crucial for finding the best tech hires.

Have a Positive, Memorable Interview Process

Want to know the best ways to disengage potential hires? Drag out the hiring process. Offer them poor communications. Make the process unstructured. Don’t get back to them.

High-demand tech talent – who are likely speaking with other potential employers – will opt out quickly in these scenarios. A carefully curated hiring process which demonstrates your company’s needs, your culture and your business ethos is the best hiring pathway. Remember, the idea is to find the best talent for your business.

Leadership Reputation Management

Do your business leaders have a good reputation in the market? Are they known, trusted, respected and sought-after (both by talent and clients)? The key to good management of tech talent, are leaders who have well-honed soft skills. They inspire. They motivate. They value people. They acknowledge wins, no matter what size. Employ leaders with a reputation for being great to work with.

Introduce Your Team When Hiring

Human connection and interaction during the hiring process is incredibly powerful. And not just with the HR partner, or the candidate’s future boss. Introducing senior tech team members to potential tech talent throughout the interview process gives the prospective hire a real sense of the team culture. They can also ask more candid questions about the business culture, current projects, and company technology.

Be Proactive: Tech Talent Expect It

A great strategy for finding the best tech hires is to reach out to them proactively. Mostly, these candidates aren’t looking for work, yet will be willing to engage in a hiring discussion. Have your pitch ready, a clear vision for the role and a goal in mind from your first interaction – such as, secure a first meeting. The great thing about this approach is it’s unlikely these workers will be scoping competing offers. So, launch your approach, ready to win!

Share Your Tech Initiatives with The Market

Prospective hires are going to seek out your company if you’re consistently getting media or industry coverage on your technology projects. By demonstrating to the market that you’re an industry leader and progressive in the tech space, the market’s talent will notice. A recent study by Slack revealed developers often learn about potential employers through industry news and their social channels. So, work with your marketing department to get your tech project news out there.

Be Selective

Of course, seeking to hire the best possible tech talent doesn’t mean you forego being selective. If the fit doesn’t feel right, the candidate isn’t for you. Remember, you’re looking for the best talent for your business not necessarily the best talent in the market. Don’t succumb to the pressures of being understaffed, by settling for someone who is an ‘okay’ hire. You need to be absolutely certain that the hire is right for your business.

And Finally…

Dedicating your business and tech hiring strategy to creating a workplace that tech professionals want to be a part of will pay off in time. The outcome will be a technically savvy, engaged, and motivated workforce behind you, helping your business succeed in the long term.


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