Viva la coffice revolution!

We’ve seen them around the city, sitting in cafes for hours on end, typing away on their laptops (Macbooks, more often than not) and sipping their lattes and cappuccinos. The baristas, and even other regulars know them by name…do you know the types of workers I’m talking about?

Rather than renting an office or working from home these new breed of freelancers have become swept up in a trend, known as ‘cofficing’ where workers use coffee shops as temporary office spaces,  playfully dubbed as coffices.

Here are just eight of the many reasons why people choose to work in coffices…

There are certain unspoken rules of etiquette you should follow when using your ‘coffice’. For example, working all day in a coffee shop without so much as a coffee is an obvious no-no. Here are 10 guidelines for coffice etiquette if you are keen to try out this new trend.

If this sounds like an environment that would suite your type of work and working style, try it out! We think it’s probably the most delicious way to work anyway!