What are the Benefits of Contingent Workers?

If you’re an organisation that hasn’t yet realised the benefits of contingent workers, it’s time to take a look..

  • A look at most industries across Australia, white collar and blue collar
  • A look at your competitors who currently site at a talent advantage to you
  • A look at the global shift from the ‘traditional workforce’ to a ‘blended workforce’
  • A look at the potential to boost your talent ROI

More than ever before are the benefits of contingent workers truly apparent. In a world dealing with COVID disruption which has affected most industries, adapting to a new economic environment has been critical for survival. And one of the key adaptations has been a change in the talent model.

Still unsure about the benefits of contingent workers? Read on…

benefits of contingent workers

Skills Gaps:

Introducing highly specialised, technically superior talent for a short-term period offers an incredible skills advantage. Contingent workers will enable you to accelerate project completion and provide expertise to your business that may otherwise have been unaffordable. You’ll not only fill skills gaps, but you’ll also potentially get the highest quality skills to do so.

contingent workers


If COVID has taught us anything, it’s the need to be flexible in how we do business; to be able to upscale and downscale efficiently and commercially. One of the major benefits of contingent workers is to respond to business demand quickly and effectively, without compromising on talent quality.

contingent worker cost benefit

cost saving contingent workerscontingent workersCost-efficiency:

In both times of growth and times of uncertainty (not that they’re mutually exclusive, mind you), being able to cost-efficiently scale your workforce without a massive increase in overheads, is remarkably valuable. Contingent workers give your business a short-term, lower-cost boost to meet demand, and maintain output no matter what the economic conditions.

contingent worker engagement

Talent Engagement:

Across most corners of the workforce today – from new entrants to seasoned workers – there’s an increasing demand for greater flexibility, independence and diverse working experiences. The ‘job for life’ days are gone. And with it, a reliance on one company to meet career aspirations. By embracing the benefits of contingent workers, organisations can enjoy a highly motivated and engaged group of workers: a benefit that can only add value to your business culture.

contingent workforce benefits


Working from the same traditional talent model, can leave your business with the same focus, the same outlook and – as you can see – a general ‘sameness’ that doesn’t inspire growth, calculated risk or innovation. Expert talent that come and go from your business offer more than their expertise. There’s much to be learned from fresh eyes and new ideas.

low risk contingent workforce

A Low-Risk Option:

With the right contingent workforce strategy in place (managed with the right partner, like CXC), hiring contingent workers is a low-risk option for your business. So… you’ve realised a contingent worker doesn’t really ‘fit’? No problem. You (or your contingent talent partner) offboard them. There’s no protracted ‘managing out’ process. And none of the often-painful associated costs of a worker that simply isn’t right. The financial risks are low. While the potential skills benefits are high.

Contingent workforce management

Try Before You Buy:

For many organisations, the benefits of contingent workers have been more than simply a worthy, short-term talent introduction to their business. Frequently, we see organisations who have enjoyed a successful contingent talent arrangement, at the end of the worker’s contract, decide to employ the worker full-time. This ‘trial’ period demonstrates beyond doubt, the potential of the worker and their value to the organisation. It can be a brilliant hiring strategy.

try contingent workers

Still Not Convinced?

I’d be surprised! No matter what your knowledge of contingent workers and what they have to offer, we’re here to help you make the right contingent talent decisions for your business. You can reach me here, to discuss this further. I look forward to it.